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Bridge Patient PortalProduct Overview

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Bridge Patient Portal product overview

Bridge Patient Portal is an enterprise patient portal and patient engagement solution for healthcare organizations. The platform is designed for companies seeking to replace their existing EHR’s patient portal, connect disparate EHR environments, consolidate costly patient engagement tools, offer telemedicine services, and or publish a mobile app. Bridge engages patients with a client-branded user experience that includes automated electronic communication, and multi-platform access to health, financial, and appointment information. Bridge’s all-in-one patient engagement solution is ONC 2015 Edition Certified and proven to enhance patient-physician collaboration, care outcomes, business profitability, and brand equity.

Bridge offers a single solution for secure SMS/email/push notifications, self-scheduling, health information access, patient-provider messaging, bill pay and telemedicine. Bridge is available as a client-branded, HTML-based web application as well as a mobile app available for iOS and Android. With Bridge’s fully-documented and free API, healthcare organizations can develop their own interfaces, add-on features, and run advanced reports. Month-to-month contracting with scaled pricing based on actual patient registration ensures Bridge and its customers’ goals are aligned towards a highly engaged patient population.

Pros of Bridge Patient Portal

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Bridge is one of the leading ONC-certified patient engagement vendors for health organizations seeking to improve profitability in today’s challenging healthcare market. Beyond just patient portal software, we offer a coordinated, mobile-friendly online patient communication platform that increases patient engagement as well as provides a more personal and stronger connection with your organization.

Cons of Bridge Patient Portal

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Reporting is not as robust as other EHRs.

Breakdown of core features

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Medical records

See medications, view lab results, and securely upload patient histories. Allows patients to update and manage their medical information. They can enter conditions and symptoms, note their status, and specify when each one began. They can also add past and current medications, family and social histories, and information about allergies and past immunizations. See health information like height, weight, BMI, and vital signs compared against CCD standards. Data is presented in an easy-to-read graph showing changes over time. Both patients and providers can upload attachments, allowing for easy sharing of medical information not entered by the physician in the EHR. For example, a patient could upload lab results from a previous physician.

Appointments and messaging

Bridge helps automate the appointment scheduling process by letting patients book appointments at their own convenience. The appointment request platform lets them select their doctor and preferred visit time from a list of available appointment slots. The self-scheduling enterprise patient portal allows you to implement an automated workflow that asks the questions you need answered before confirming an appointment, including prompting patients to fill out forms. Choose between automated or semi-automated scheduling.

Automated, scheduled appointment reminders help reduce no-shows. Patients can choose to receive reminders via email, SMS, or both, at your preferred time interval (either 12 hours, 24 hours, or 48 hours before the appointment). You can also send patients custom reminders for special appointments, such as a reminder to fast the morning of a lab test. With secure messaging, you and your staff will be able to send multiple types of HIPAA-compliant messages.


An alternative to having your billing department mail paper statements and make phone calls to patients, Bridge’s online bill pay feature allows you to get paid faster by collecting payments online. It is easy for patients to use and automates the billing process for your staff. Payments made through their secure patient portal systems can be posted to your practice management system automatically through an easy-to-set-up interface. You can also generate dozens of useful reports.

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  • Patient registration
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Prescription refills
  • Online bill pay
  • Secure messaging
  • Care plans
  • Reporting
  • Medical records/ EHR integrations
  • Patient forms
  • eConsultations
  • Notifications
  • Caregiver access
  • Tasking module for admin


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