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bob product overview

bob is a human resource management (HRM) solution designed to improve the employee experience and lifecycle for companies with 50+ employees with a focus on medium-sized businesses. A design-led platform, it combines human capital management (HCM) capabilities with adaptable UI/UX functionality. The system is designed to help companies attract, retain, and engage today’s modern workforce. As a people-first management platform, bob simplifies onboarding, attendance, and performance reviews while giving decision-makers actionable insights using data-driven resources and engagement tools. HR professionals are given a platform that includes customizable dashboards, custom reports, and a documents hub that digitizes and streamlines admin paperwork. Key culture features include club views, shoutouts, and surveys as well as a flexible benefits store.

Pros of bob

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bob is a design-led platform that combines human capital management (HCM) capabilities with adaptable UI/UX functionality designed to be intuitive while making HR professionals jobs easier. Bob’s dedicated customer support team is also available to provide meaningful support and guidance during onboarding and troubleshooting via our live-chat tool.

Cons of bob

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Bob is a relatively new HR software so it may hard to manage more unique benefits. However, bob is expanding their offerings regularly and open to feedback.

Breakdown of core features

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Talent Management

Bob empowers HR leaders to view their people holistically and provide them with a workflows tool built with them in mind. Using the platform, HR and managers can track performance easily. Engagement surveys also give leadership insight into employee attitudes and perceptions.

Culture Management

Key culture features include engaging club views, shoutouts, superpowers, and surveys. Employees can even file HR complaints or questions anonymously via a chat interface.


Start off on the right foot by giving your new people a feel for your company culture, values, and team. HR managers can automate workflows for onboarding, and have new hires fill out all required paperwork online.

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