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BlueshiftProduct Overview

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Blueshift product overview

Blueshift is an intelligent engagement platform that empowers businesses to learn about each customer in real-time to connect with them anywhere with the right message at the right time. It enables brands to deliver relevant, connected experiences across every customer interaction. Its SmartHub CDP uses patented AI technology to unify, inform, and activate the fullness of customer data across all channels and applications. Blueshift gives organizations the tools to facilitate 1:1 experiences across the entire customer journey.

The software’s Intelligent CEP provides the complete toolkit to create, scale, and optimize 1:1 experiences. By combining customer data with marketing automation, marketers have a central platform that offers quick access to rich, consolidated data. Blueshift allows users to perform advanced audience segmentation, build dynamic personalized content and recommendations, and design on-brand creative templates. Marketing teams can orchestrate and execute campaigns, analyze their performance, and test and optimize them.

Pros of Blueshift

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  • It is an open and extensible platform that is both data- and vendor-agnostic. As a result, organizations can seamlessly integrate their existing tech stack, streamlining the implementation process and reducing the time to value.
  • Blueshift’s Intelligent CEP can process large volumes of data and campaign workloads without interference or latency. It offers flexibility, customizability, and scalability to support current and future business needs. Blueshift automatically scales linearly with seasonal demands and has limited downtime.

Cons of Blueshift

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  • The software has a steep learning curve.

Breakdown of core features

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Email campaigns

Brands can make every message relevant to customers with dynamic content tailored with real-time insight. Users can craft on-brand emails with Blueshift’s drag-and-drop editor, HTML, or start with a template from its library. The software has product recommendations based on predictive affinities and user behaviors. It allows teams to use deliverability insights to ensure high inbox placement across major ISPs for email campaigns.

Blueshift also triggers lifecycle, transactional, and loyalty emails at impactful points throughout the customer journey automatically. Marketers can improve workflows by automating engagement for every part of the lifecycle, from activation to retention.

Mobile marketing

With Blueshift, businesses can send real-time mobile marketing messages that engage customers and drive real results with scalable delivery, security, and insights. The software brings customers back to the brand with timed push notifications that inspire action.

Users can build rich push notification templates with the platform’s template builder for iOS and Android. The platform then automates triggered and batch push notifications optimized for each customer. Additionally, marketers can send personalized SMS messages with dependable delivery.

Website personalization

Organizations can provide relevant website experiences for every visitor with personalized content and product recommendations. Marketers can retarget engaged customers with triggered browser push notifications.

Blueshift lets users customize website content based on the visitor’s interests, lifecycle stage, location, and product interactions. Marketing teams can showcase personalized recommendations that adapt to customers’ cross-channel browsing behaviors.

Predictive scores

Blueshift’s predictive scores empower marketers to identify customers’ likelihood to engage, purchase, and churn. Businesses can then interact with customers based on updated predictive scores and segments. Additionally, teams can measure the impact of predictive scores against actual results to ensure the AI is driving desired outcomes.

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  • Campaign Orchestration
  • Customer Journey Builder
  • Email and Mobile Marketing Automation
  • Testing and Optimization
  • Website Personalization
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Customer Data Unification
  • Real-Time Behavior Tracking
  • Catalog Integration
  • Engage Time Optimization
  • AI-Powered Automatic Winner Selection
  • Channel Engagement Scores
  • Group Customer Profiles
  • Customer and Catalog Data
  • Transactional Data Models
  • AI-Powered Recommendations
  • Predictive Affinities
  • Predictive Scores


  • Adobe Advertising Cloud
  • AdRoll
  • Amazon S3
  • AWS
  • Comcast
  • Facebook
  • Google Analytics
  • Intercom
  • LinkedIn
  • Shopify
  • Salesforce
  • Slack
  • Twitter
  • Twilio
  • Magento
  • Zapier
  • Zendesk

Pricing Model

  • Cross-Channel Hub
  • Rich Customer Data
  • AI Personalization


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