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About Bilbeo Analytics

Bilbeo Analytics, founded in 2012, creates innovative, self-service business intelligence dashboards in the cloud for organizations operating worldwide. 

Bilbeo Analytics offers businesses the ability to empower their managers with data  — they believe that data mining and algorithms need to be in the hands of managers. With the unique Data Mining algorithm Map (screenshot 4), Bilbeo Analtyics reviews the non-liner correlations to help uncover underlying leading indicators that drive business performance. Using the data analysis tools custom-built by Bilbeo Analytics, managers can uncover bottlenecks in processes in order to better allocate resources. Additionally, the system can send out notifications when pre-set variables are met  — Bilbeo Analytics reviews the data constantly and can send email notifications to alert stakeholders. 

Data is easily integrated with the REST API, or what Bilbeo calls the Excelyzer, that lets them take your Excel files and create “big picture” executive dashboards that can be easily distributed and securely shared with single sign-0n capabilities and various user roles. 

We recommend Bilbeo Analytics to any company looking to create easy-to-use and customize dashboards for their managers, but especially to technology companies and others with large amounts of data sitting in silos. 

Not sure if Bilbeo Analytics is the right dashboard software for your organization? Call, click, or email to speak with an unbiased Technology Advisor for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. 

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