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Asset EssentialsProduct Overview

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  2. Pros of Asset Essentials
  3. Cons of Asset Essentials
  4. Breakdown of core features

Asset Essentials product overview

Asset Essentials (formerly Bigfoot CMMS) is a cloud-based enterprise work and asset management platform for smarter and more efficient maintenance and operations. It empowers businesses to operate intelligently today while planning for tomorrow.

Asset Essentials manages and maintains all assets and facilities and streamlines work orders and tasks. With this software, users can initiate, assign, and track the progress of maintenance work orders. Organizations can manage equipment and develop advanced workflows with preventive maintenance scheduling. The software also allows companies to manage inventory and utilize the Internet of Things (IoT) technology for predictive maintenance. In addition, Asset Essentials provides document management, reporting, and mobile capabilities. The software is configurable to meet unique needs.

The Asset Essentials Implementation and Professional Services teams guide clients throughout implementation and help with software integrations.

Pros of Asset Essentials

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  • The software reduces maintenance costs and extends asset life. It enables organizations to schedule preventive maintenance (PM) and predictive maintenance (PdM) to increase sales.
  • It comes with high-standard CMMS data security and business continuity procedures with tiered servers configured to meet different industry needs. Additionally, Asset Essentials work under ISO 27002 and NIST information security guidelines.

Cons of Asset Essentials

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  • The initial set up of the platform may be overwhelming to users without prior CMMS experience.
  • Some users find the reporting feature difficult to use.

Breakdown of core features

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Work order and workflow management

With this platform, users can create reactive, corrective, predictive, and preventative maintenance work orders while prioritizing, scheduling, and managing tasks based on asset, location, or technician.

Equipment and asset management

Asset Essentials lets businesses use cost tracking, meter reading, and repair history for the total cost of ownership (TCO) decision-making across sites and different hierarchies.

Mobile application

The software empowers technicians to accomplish more on the go with its mobile application. The app allows them to capture parts transactions, access reference materials, track work in offline mode, and barcode-scan assets.

Work order parts and PO management

Asset Essentials facilitates the inventory management of frequently used parts to support just-in-time maintenance and optimize procurement/replenishment processes.

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  • Work Order and Workflow Management
  • Mobile Application
  • Equipment and Asset Management
  • Mapping and GIS Asset Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Work Order Parts and PO Management


  • Microsoft Excel


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