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About Beekeeper

Beekeeper, founded in 2012, is a rapidly growing Swiss technology company that develops an eponymous software solution for employee engagement, social collaboration, and internal communications. 

Beekeeper’s vision is to connect the unconnected; companies with remote workers can struggle to integrate them with the rest of the organization. Beekeeper helps bridge this communication and culture gap through engaging messaging and content sharing features. You can easily target communication to specific groups, and celebrate your workers’ achievements with automated rules. Even better, Beekeeper includes powerful analytics for managing internal communications campaigns — analytics like app usage, content hits, trending topics, etc. — that show you how well you communication resonates with and engages your employees. Beekeeper works across all devices — phones, tablets, browsers, even TVs — ultimately helping companies reach all of their employees in a simple, secure, and cost-effective way. 

Used in over 96 countries by clients in hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and other industries, Beekeeper helps companies increase performance by driving engagement. We recommend Beekeeper to any organization who is looking for a robust internal communications platform, but especially to companies with hourly, non-desktop, in-field, or remote workers, and/or multiple office locations. 

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(Last updated on 03/21/2016)

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