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About Beekeeper

Founded in 2012, Beekeeper is a rapidly growing Swiss technology company that builds a comprehensive operational communication platform for frontline employees.

Beekeeper is a mobile-first communication platform that connects distributed teams across every shift, location, and language. Dedicated streams deliver important operational information to the entire workforce, while real-time, mobile messaging enables frontline employees to stay connected and easily share information.

Beekeeper aims to provide users with a platform that’s simple enough for a software “new-bee” to learn and implement quickly, yet powerful enough to meet the complex communication needs of multi-location, multi-lingual global enterprises. The software seamlessly integrates with existing operational systems, making the tools companies already use accessible to everyone in one central hub. Beekeeper also comes equipped with a powerful analytics dashboard for measuring employee engagement and managing internal communications campaigns. Finally, Beekeeper works across all devices — phones, tablets, browsers, even TVs through digital signage.

Beekeeper is used by companies in over 130 countries by customers in a wide range of industries including hospitality, retail, manufacturing, construction, and many more. Beekeeper was built specifically for frontline employees, so its mobile-first communication solution is often implemented by companies with a large, distributed workforce. We recommend Beekeeper to any organization who is looking for a robust, comprehensive operational communications platform.

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