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BackblazeProduct Overview

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Backblaze product overview

Backblaze provides online storage and backup that makes it simple for businesses to store their files in the cloud. Files are available for download at any time, either through APIs or a browser-compatible URL. Backblaze also offers Mac and PC backup solutions for business and personal use.

The platform runs continuously in the background, making backing up computers convenient for everyone. Organizations use the platform to host content, build and run applications, manage media, archive data, and protect and recover from ransomware. Backblaze comes with an admin console that empowers teams to manage previous and current versions of business data in an integrated interface.

Pros of Backblaze

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  • It lets users download their files from the web and offers to ship their data on an external drive.
  • The Cloud Replication feature enables replicating one or many objects to one or multiple buckets within or between regions. It helps to serve various use cases, like ensuring the geographical distribution of data set copies to support disaster recovery objectives, reducing concentration risk, and serving compliance needs.

Cons of Backblaze

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  • By default, Backblaze saves any old versions or deleted files for only 30 days. Users can extend the version history at an additional charge.

Breakdown of core features

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Backup and archive

Backblaze safeguards the organization’s systems with reliable data backup for Veeam, Servers, NAS, and Workstations. It allows teams to advance and share content within their existing workflows and preferred media management tools. Backing up NAS devices means having the data instantly available whenever and wherever necessary. Organizations can recover data on-site or to the cloud.

Media storage

Teams can save time and money with Backblaze’s cloud storage that readily connects with media workflows. The software makes files accessible – no nearline, offline, or tape delays. It also offers several options for moving data, including Native and S3 compatible APIs, Web UI, and CLI. Furthermore, it supports numerous third-party integrations.

Ransomware readiness and recovery

Backblaze increases protection from the evolving threat of ransomware with immutable backups and Instant Recovery. Its Object Lock feature creates a virtual air gap, protecting data from modification, manipulation, or deletion due to bad actors or human errors. The Instant Recovery accesses readily available backups and deploys infrastructure immediately, avoiding costly downtime and year-round investment.

(Last updated on 07/29/2022 by Liz Laurente-Ticong)

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  • Backup and Archive
  • Cloud Computing
  • Content Delivery
  • Data Transfer
  • LTO Replacement
  • Media Workflows
  • Ransomware Readiness
  • Mobile Apps
  • Media Storage


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