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About Autopilot

Autopilot is easy and visual marketing automation software that helps companies attract, acquire, and grow more customers. Autopilot’s built-in integrations to popular tools like Salesforce, Segment, Twilio, Slack, GoodData, and Zapier make it easy to message consistently across multiple channels including email, SMS, and physical mail. Founded in 2012, Autopilot is based in San Francisco and has raised $20.5M in venture funding. Backers include Salesforce Ventures, Stage One Capital, Rembrandt Venture Partners, Southern Cross Venture Partners, Blackbird Ventures, Tim Draper, and Terry Garnett.

Autopilot’s multi-channel marketing platform is unique in the following ways:   

  • Drag and drop: Like Legos for marketers, it’s easy to create customer journeys on the fly with a flexible drag-and-drop interface.

  • Easy to share best practices: Autopilot’s sharable guides empower the first time automation marketer to leverage years worth of marketing automation best practices in a single click.

  • More than email: Easily incorporate personalized offline and mobile touchpoints into email marketing journeys, powered by Autopilot’s API partners.

  • Connected: Autopilot is a cloud platform, integrated with best-of-breed technologies including Salesforce, GoodData, Segment, Twilio, Slack, and Lob.

  • Leverages existing investments: Universal tracking capabilities allow companies to capture leads from any website, blog, or app, and view activities in real time.

  • Insights & Data: Easy, intuitive analytics and powerful reports mean instant ROI insight and the death of marketing data spreadsheets.  

Not sure if Autopilot is the right marketing automation platform for your business? Compare Autopilot with other vendors using our Marketing Automation Product Selection Tool, or if you’d prefer, call, click, or email to speak with an unbiased Technology Advisor today about how Autopilot or other marketing automation software systems can meet your unique needs. 

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