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About Astute ePowerCenter CRM

ePowerCenter provides a smart consumer engagement CRM with an agent-centric interface that enables contact center teams to stay consumer-focused, not technology-distracted. The robust nature of Astute’s ePowerCenter CRM makes it smart, powerful, and highly configurable. For example, the system gives brands the ability to change workflow and information capture needs for their agents on-the-spot, providing each customer with a consistent brand experience and showing the company a unified view of the customer’s transaction or need history. Customers can communicate in whatever fashion they prefer. Across all channels—including email, phone, text, social media, click-to-chat, and click-to-video—ePowerCenter provides one single agent interface.

Key Benefits of ePowerCenter CRM:

Handling the most channels in a single interface

Encompassing traditional channels such as phone and email, social channels, and digital channels like web chat, voice, and video chat, Astute’s platform allows agents to work within a single, streamlined, intuitive interface. The result is happier, more efficient agents who can focus on doing what they love: taking care of customers.

In-context guidance versus scripting for the agent

ePowerCenter provides in-context guidance–not scripted responses–that not only allows for time-saving assistance, but also increases consistency in each customer’s brand experience. A built-in knowledge base, along with system-suggested next actions, means that even new agents can hit the ground running, reducing training costs. With additional information at their fingertips, such as order history and loyalty status, agents can provide relevant, personalized service to every customer.

Intelligent data entry 

Smart features abound in our software, allowing for better accuracy and increased efficiencies. For example, type-down functionality acts as a sort of “auto-complete” in the agent interface, eliminating the need to search through long lists of products and reason codes. Data entry fields can dynamically change based on reason code or product code, ensuring that agents are capturing the right information depending on the situation and not wasting any time asking unnecessary questions.

Auto-managed email interactions

The more you use the system, the smarter it gets. When a case comes in, the system can use natural language processing to determine the intent of the request, help agents by auto-populating appropriate fields in the case, and even go as far as beginning the response to the consumer and making suggestions for the proper enclosures. Agents always have an opportunity to verify before sending, but they no longer need to start written responses from scratch.

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