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AEB International’s ASSIST4 software suite integrates both supply chain management software and logistics management software. Its supply chain management software goes beyond simple management to include execution issues, as well. AEB sees these aspects as different levels of the same function. This supply chain management software handles factors related to organizing the flow of products effectively, analyzing data related to this and improving supply chain function while also assisting clients to execute business processes derived from everyday, pre-planned supply chain realities. The application focuses specifically on visibility. Transparent process can be easily monitored and improved. The ASSIST4 suite also incorporates logistics management software, warehouse management software, order management software and a transport and freight management application. Other integrated components include compliance and risk management based on European Union and United States regulations and a customs management application which unifies client global trade management considerations.

Among the companies which have successfully implemented this software is Infineon, a semiconductor manufacturer. Infineon has used ASSIST4 software in several locations around the world since 2001.

AEB International is a Stuttgart, Germany-based company that includes subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Singapore. Priding itself on collaborating with its clients, the company has served customers from around the globe for more than 12 years. Its philosophy emphasizes proficiency, innovation and reliability, and the company seeks to incorporate these ideals into its everyday operation.

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