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About Asset Bank

Asset Bank is a browser-based Digital Asset Management Solution that allows you to efficiently store, manage, and share digital files (e.g. images, videos and documents) with various groups of people including staff, partners and the general public.

Asset Bank’s software gives organizations a central location to store all of their digital assets, often related to branding, marketing and product information. This allows them to make all of their materials instantly accessible to relevant user groups in an efficient self-service manner. Asset Bank also has a huge range of features, modules and integrations with other systems to help meet most organisation’s needs out of the box.

Key features of Asset Bank include:

  • re-skinning to match an organization’s brand and identity
  • configurable permission groups (dictating what users can see and do)
  • the ability to store any digital file, with previews created for most including image, video, audio and documents
  • mature search features including auto-complete search suggestions, synonyms, algorithms to deal with common word variants and advanced search for greater precision over large volumes of assets
  • conversion pre-sets at point of download, giving the user the file they need in the format they require
  • various share features to allow the user to push content externally to third parties who do not require a login
  • multiple lightboxes per user, allowing them to create and share their own collections
  • flexible metadata, allowing the system to be configured to match an organisations requirements
  • a responsive design to allow users to access the system on tablet or other mobile devices
  • integration options for linking to other systems, including a REST API, CMS and Publishing modules

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