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AssemblyProduct Overview

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Assembly product overview

Assembly is an employee recognition and engagement platform aiming to build positive team cultures. The software allows teams to create the thriving remote work culture by giving employees one-touch tools they can use to recognize their peers.

Assembly enables teams to provide visibility to peer recognition, anniversaries, birthdays, culture rewards, and badges. It allows co-workers to easily recognize each other with meaningful messages and rewards. Companies can manage culture spend with a positive and justifiable ROI. Assembly has a high employee engagement rate and can be integrated with Slack.

The platform allows management to be more focused on acknowledging and recognizing a team member’s hard work, aiming for members to be happier and more committed to the team’s goal and mission.

Assembly was designed to help businesses build a strong remote culture through reward and recognition.

Pros of Assembly

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  • Assembly allows management to see what is happening to employees on a peer-to-peer level. It provides organizational insights and allows managers to learn how core value alignment changes over time, who engages with whom, and how teams interact.
  • Teams can set up fun and customizable culture rewards or turn on paid rewards. Assembly has access to numerous gift cards and charities.

Cons of Assembly

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  • Assembly rewards expire at the end of every month, so this timeframe could be too short for some teams. The platform doesn’t remind users when rewards are nearing expiration.
  • It doesn’t have a feature that prompts users to reward individuals who haven’t yet been recognized.

Breakdown of core features

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Assembly has features built to encourage people to go the extra mile to achieve a common goal.

Manager to report

This feature saves the time and effort of managers in running recognition and rewards programs to keep employees engaged. Managers can track activity from the administrative dashboard.

Give recognition

In recognizing peers, Assembly encourages users to give a clear message to coworkers, provide significant reasons, and give the recognition publicly.

Culture insights

Assembly allows managers to learn everything they need to know about the team’s engagement. Its insights help organizations recognize and reward teams and departments that work hard and boost productivity.

Redeem rewards

Companies can set up rewards they think will excite team members. Assembly has a library of over 50 personalized ideas. Teams can also set up paid rewards from over 600 gift cards and charities.

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Quick Facts

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  • Anniversaries and Birthdays Tracking
  • Badge Management
  • Custom Rewards
  • Employee Anniversaries
  • Employee Recognition
  • Manager-to-Peer Recognition
  • Mention Management
  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition
  • Recognition Tracking
  • Rewards Catalog
  • Rewards Points
  • Social Recognition
  • eCards


  • Office 365
  • Google G Suite
  • ADP
  • Slack People
  • Slack Bot
  • Microsoft Teams

Pricing Model

  • Free
  • Team
  • Business
  • Enterprise


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