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Product Quick Facts

Industry Specialties
Computer and Technology, Software / Web Development
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Any Sized Businesses

About Assembla

Providing the tools and services necessary to streamline software development through task management, software versioning, issue tracking, and cloud-based team collaboration, Assembla’s products are used by more than 1,000,000 people in over half of the world’s countries. Founded in 2005, Assembla’s growth has been rapid. The company’s distributed task management and issue tracking software must first satisfy the needs of its own workforce, which operates in 16 countries and produces its products in 4 languages, before it is offered to the public.

Assembla’s product line for distributed workforces is comprised of four main components. The first is task management and issue tracking. This includes tickets and ticket filtering, a Kanban Cardwall providing logistical support to your development process, and Assembla’s Agile Planner that can manage continuously with Kanban or via iteration with Scrum. The second component is version control, and here Assembla includes three of the best software version control solutions: Subversion, Git, and Perforce. The platform provides hosting of your repositories or depots, and no matter your choice, expect full integration with Assembla’s task management, issue tracking, and team collaboration products. To make your versioning easier Assembla’s solution provides a syntax-highlighted code browser. Your repositories are safe with redundant storage — triple replication of all files. Deploy your code manually or automatically to any FTP or SFTP enabled server. The third component is Assembla’s social collaboration toolset. Use @username to mention @Anyone, making it easy to get the attention of the right person or group from within the software. Conversation management keeps ticket discussion on topic. The Activity Stream and Message Board features help eliminate the clutter and inbox-clogging tendency of email conversation chains. Assembla’s final set of components is Team/Client Management, and is made up of tools supporting five primary activities, access control, customer facing support, time tracking, evaluation of team members by ticket activity, and user reports. In use by companies such as, eBay, PayPal, Microsoft, Intuit, HTC, and HP, Assembla is excellent for managing software project development.

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