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ARALOC, is a digital content distribution platform from Modevity, LLC.  — a software development firm, operating since 2004, whose principals have over 100 years of industry experience in software and product development, collaboration, content management, network management, and virtual communications. ARALOC’s focus is provisioning the highest-level content rights management software in order to protect their clients’ intellectual property and confidential materials from unauthorized viewing, misuse, and piracy. 

ARALOC’s specialty is information protection; their platform secures all of an organization’s confidential content and intellectual property assets from leakage  — malicious or accidental  —  without impacting collaboration between all stakeholders. Users can access and collaborate on content using the secure, cloud-based platform on any device, personal or company-owned. Files may be hosted internally or externally (even in SharePoint!), depending on the level of control you need. In addition to the 256-bit AES encryption technology, ARALOC features robust content / digital rights management controls and viewer reporting / analytics, including a full audit trail. Apps are available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS, and administrators can enable single sign-on, e-Signature, note taking, surveys, and remotely wipe devices.

One of the best aspects of ARALOC is the hierarchical design  — just like your company, ARALOC can be organized by department, with separate administrative areas for Sales, Marketing, Executives, HR / Training, etc. This allows you to more effectively manage and secure your data. The system consists of three main components: 

  • ARALOC Secure Publisher manages the creation of and access to your content. Identify and encrypt existing content that needs protection, upload and register the content with the management server, and make it accessible to authorized users. 
  • ARALOC Management Server allows content owners to register content and manage/monitor user access. The cloud-based system lets you flexibly administer security policies across your entire enterprise, or as granularly as managing access to a single piece of content
  • ARALOC Viewers allow your users to authenticate with the management server and obtain licenses for securely viewing digital content stored there. Viewer apps can be extensively customized and branded for your organization. 

We recommend the platform to any company looking for a secure platform to manage and collaborate on content of any type, but especially those companies that desire a system that can be integrated with SharePoint and hosted privately. Companies including professional sports organizations, healthcare organizations, and educational institutions are using ARALOC to secure their digital content. 

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