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About Aprima

Aprima is asoftware solutions company that provides electronic health record (EHR) management solutions for physicians and medical practices. Though the company also offers practice and revenue cycle management solutions, Aprima for Physicians is a flexible EHR solution designed to adjust to individual workflow preferences and guide the patient care process with built-in physician tools.

Aprima appeals to medical practices that need to keep up with changing regulatory requirements while improving the patient care process. This platform enables physicians to customize the user interface to their preferences and workflow styles. Additionally, this program supports offices that are entirely or partially paperless, offering a scalable EHR solution for growing practices. Through Aprima’s user-friendly dashboard, physicians can view, add or update patient notes, view lab and diagnostic results and order electronic prescriptions. Unlike other platforms, Aprima for Physicians allows medical personnel to incorporate images and video into documents, attach files of any size and sort multiple documents and images quickly. This platform is compatible with both desktop and tablet PCs, increasing physician mobility practice-wide. Additional features include a patient portal, patient education advice, E&M coding assistance and rapid dictation with speech recognition technology.

Aprima’s electronic health records solution has helped many medical practices save time, money and improve patient care. One of Aprima’s earlier customers, Dr. Dori Kasparek of Complete Women’s Healthcare in Georgia, needed a powerful EHR solution that offered ongoing support, security, and assistance meeting government regulations. After launching Aprima’s EHR solution, Dr. Kasparek noticed a significant decrease in repetitive tasks, administrative costs and documentation errors. With Aprima, Complete Women’s Healthcare was equipped to provide quality medical care and increase workflow efficiency.

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