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About SpectraSoft

AppointmentsEverywhere is a simple to use scheduler developed by software company SpectraSoft.  Founded in 1993, SpectraSoft develops scheduling software for medical professionals to aid their practice management.  AppointmentsEverywhere is the latest iteration of their scheduling software, and offers functionality to schedule, edit, move, and coordinate appointments.  All scheduled appointments can be viewed from one single window, allowing office staff to quickly get a birds-eye view of the practice schedule.  Each individual appointment can be manipulated depending on what data needs to be edited.  By simply right-clicking, appointment fields can be edited and removed.  Through each appointment, patients can be checked in and out, and rescheduled based on real time specifics.  AppointmentsEverywhere also supports recurring appointments.  Through the complex scheduling feature, a user is able to quickly see when time slots are available based on staff availability, and based on availability of resources.  From a dropdown menu, office resources or special appointments can be selected to find the most appropriate time for the patient and office. AppointmentsEverywhere is delivered through an easy-to-use web portal that is accessible from any device with an internet connection.  This mobility allows practitioners to keep up-to-date with scheduling while they are away from the office or at another location.  In addition, this cuts down on the cost associated with the platform, as there are no servers or software to install.  SpectraSoft keeps their web portal updated, so there is no need to download or install updates.  All data transfers are conducted securely through their system, and the entire system is HIPAA compliant. Review more of the top Project Management solutions with our SmartAdvisor.

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