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ApployeProduct Overview

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Apploye product overview

Apploye is an all-in-one time tracking, monitoring, and productivity analysis software specially dedicated to boosting team performance. It offers a native platform designed to smoothly organize employees and teams whether they work in the office, mobile, or remotely. Teams can use Apploye through its web app, via desktop, or through mobile.

The software has a Pomodoro timer, idle time detection, shift, and attendance tracking. The Pomodoro timer can be customized with the breaks so that a constant focus and periodic interval may activate the work cycle. Apploye’s dashboard is intuitive, organized, and smartly represented with important features like project status, activity reports, and timesheets.

Apploye is admissible and recognized among business agencies, startups, and especially remote team management because of its features and capabilities. It provides features such as online timesheets, scheduling, project budgeting, task management, and versatile reports. Apploye also has capabilities for managing clients and invoices, GPS location tracker, and payroll.

Pros of Apploye

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  • Apploye provides accurate, real-time reporting. It features the top-rated employees based on activity and time logged throughout the week that can encourage them to give their best performance and keep motivation in work.
  • The software gives an intuitive and native app for time management beneficial for the small, medium, and large teams. The app can be used for employee monitoring, reporting, and invoicing.

Cons of Apploye

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  • Apploye is recently launched in the market and has very limited integrations. However, the app has a complete set of native functionalities for team and time management.
  • The mobile application can be improved as it has some limitations compared to the desktop and web app.

Breakdown of core features

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Apploye provides tools that help numerous agencies perform their work without any hassle. Its main functions include time tracking, employee monitoring, project, client, and invoicing.

Time tracking

The software has Automatic and Manual Entry time tracking features for accurate tracking of working hours. This feature also has the scope of time tracking for individual projects, inputting billable and non-billable hours, exporting timesheets in pdf, CSV, or excel format, and discarding inactive hours from the timesheet. Moreover, ‘Pomodoro Timer’ allows users to maintain a balanced work cycle.

Employee monitoring

There are many ways Apploye tracks employees’ activity. Apploye takes random screenshots every 10 minutes, where members can add notes on specific screenshots. It tracks the time spent on apps and URLs. It also provides productive and unproductive hour analytics. Apploye allows comparing employees’ productivity through keyboard typing, mouse usage, and clicking. It can also track multiple screens at a time. The GPS location tracking completes the monitoring process by tracking location. It generates reports on apps and URL usage, time, and activity.

Projects and budgeting

Apploye tracks time on projects and tasks. Any project can be broken into multiple tasks. Projects and tasks can be categorized as Active, Archived, and Budgeted. Archived tasks or projects can be updated after completion. It offers a single platform monitoring time spent, budget, remaining cost, and project status. Apploye provides project billing, budgeting, and budget alerts. Teams may add clients to the project for smooth billing and invoicing. Users can assign project managers and members as well as update project status in one click.

Client and invoices

Apploye enables users to create their client database to ease client billing, tracking the client’s project status, and maintaining the client’s information. The software can simplify creating invoices for specific clients, tracking the paid and unpaid invoices, and billing for hourly rate productized service and fixed fee services. Apploye reports can be exported and shared.

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  • Time tracking
  • Timesheet
  • Screenshots
  • Apps and URLs tracking
  • Activity tracking
  • Invoice
  • Project budget
  • Team
  • Attendance tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Reports
  • GPS tracking
  • Payroll
  • Idle time detection and Alerts


  • Clickup
  • Asana
  • Zapier

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