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About AgencyBloc

AgencyBloc is an agency management system that helps life and health insurance agencies grow their business by organizing and automating their operations using a combination of an industry-specific CRM, commissions processing, and integrated marketing automation.

AgencyBloc’s mission is to provide powerful solutions by making the convoluted, straightforward. We want our technology to transform the organizations that use it. Since its beginning, AgencyBloc was built with life and health insurance agencies’ needs in mind.

AgencyBloc has allowed agencies to manage their agents, clients and prospects in an easy-to-understand platform. With the use of custom fields, agencies are able to further customize it to fit their needs.

Within AgencyBloc, agencies are able to manage their daily operations, maintain consistent communication with clients, prospects and internal agents and staff via email and workflow tools, and process commissions all within one software system. Complete with data visualization through graphs and charts, AgencyBloc helps agencies learn from their data in order to make smarter business decisions.

AgencyBloc’s Email Campaigns feature has allowed agencies to better their prospecting efforts as well as improve their client communications. With mass and automated email capabilities, internal agency communication and external client or prospect communications can be automated.

AgencyBloc’s Commissions Processing feature has saved some agencies tens of hours in manual commissions processing and has saved other agencies thousands of dollars in missing commissions.

AgencyBloc is accessible from desktop, tablet and mobile phones anywhere you have an internet connection. Updates are automatic within AgencyBloc and do not require new downloads or new versions of the system.

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