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About AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD is a leading software solution for private practices. Fully integrated EHR, medical billing and patient experience tools help you run your entire practice from a single cloud-based platform. Say goodbye to cross-system comparisons and data discrepancies, because the AdvancedMD family of products is designed to pass information seamlessly between your EHR, billing and telemedicine systems.

AdvancedMD positions their user experience as unlike any other because the products are designed by medical professionals, for medical professionals. The software adapts to your needs: charting, billing, and scheduling processes can be customized to fit your specialty and workflows. User-friendly dashboards, one-click tasks, and automated processes increase efficiency while a robust suite of patient experience tools increases satisfaction and retention.

All AdvancedMD products are HIPAA–compliant and offer features to help you attest for Meaningful Use, report for MACRA, or submit data to health registries. Military-grade security, automatic backups, and guaranteed uptime safeguard your data and eliminate the need for costly servers or IT services.

The AdvancedMD medical billing, revenue cycle management, and reporting systems are the preferred choice for many top-grossing practices because they offer full financial transparency and feature several revenue-driving tools. Customized reports, at-a- glance financial updates, and insightful benchmarking features help you identify areas of improvement and pinpoint opportunities for revenue growth – no number-crunching required.

Many private practices that switch to AdvancedMD report remarkable improvements in productivity, revenue, and growth. Jayhawk Foot &Ankle Clinic, a multi-location practice with more than 8,000 patients across two states, reports an 88% reduction in the number of patients in collections and a 25% increase in patient volume after switching to the AdvancedMD medical billing system.

We recommend AdvancedMD to any private practice considering a cloud-based EHR, but especially those larger practices wanting an integrated, comprehensive suite of clinical, financial, and administrative tools. 

Have questions about AdvancedMD? Want to find out more about medical software in general? Call, click, or email to speak with an unbiased Technology Advisor for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation on your unique requirements. 

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