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About Acronis

Acronis is a cloud-based disaster recovery software that offers easy-to-use data restoration, backup, storage management, and data protection solutions. It offers scalable solutions for any business size, ranging from home offices to enterprises. This Massachusetts-based company protects over 175,000 customers in a wide range of industries.

Since its inception, thousands of customers have used Acronis markets for data recovery and management. Previous customers of the software include Fortune 500 companies, government bodies, and manufacturing companies. The most popular product is Acronis True Image, which restores commercial disk-images. Acronis True Image 2014 can backup entire systems, including email, music, videos, photos, personal settings and documents either locally or online. This allows users to restore the exact configuration of their desktop. 5GB of free cloud storage is initially included with the option to upgrade. Compatible with Windows XP and up, Acronis is a reliable backup and recovery software across all your applications.

The city of Plant City, located in Florida, constantly worries about the possibility of hurricanes and its damaging effects on its facility. With Acronis, Plant City officials can take disk images and restore them onto the cloud servers. This way the information will be hosted in a secure environment and will be unharmed in case of a hurricane. As another layer of protection, another backup image is maintained on servers located miles away in a hurricane-safe area. Without the data storage capabilities of Acronis, the city of Plant City would have greater unease come hurricane season.

More than 5 million users have used Acronis to backup their systems. Whether you’re looking to backup family photos on your personal computer or an entire server for your business, Acronis offers specific types of software based on your needs.

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