As the nature of work continues to change, HR technologies also evolve. Searching for talent and exceptional individuals to become part of your organization has become more competitive. To stay ahead of the competition, you need a talent acquisition tool such as SmartRecruiter or LinkedIn Talent Hub for tapping top talent in the job market. These two competing platforms keep their focus on offering the best hiring and recruiting solutions tailored to the modern-day workforce, recruiters, and job seekers.

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SmartRecruiters vs. LinkedIn Talent Hub: An overview

SmartRecruiters is a recruitment and applicant tracking software offering innovative tools, integrations, and a team collaboration platform. Founded in 2010 with a headquarters located in San Francisco, SmartRecruiters features an all-in-one platform for enhancing talent acquisition, improving efficiency, and reducing cost.

A product of a popular professional social media application, LinkedIn Talent Hub is a recruitment and applicant tracking system for sourcing, managing, and hiring top talents to join your organization. It is a web-based platform that streamlines hiring processes — from attracting and identifying candidates to interviewing and managing new-hire documentation.

Applicant tracking system (ATS)

SmartRecruiters’ solution goes beyond applicant tracking to talent sourcing and engagement. It employs artificial intelligence in its recruitment platform and provides advanced tools for talent assessment and team collaboration. It features everything you need in a recruitment and talent acquisition app: applicant tracking system, candidate sourcing, recruitment marketing, collaborative hiring, and mobile recruiting.

As a social media platform that caters to professionals, LinkedIn has successfully integrated its Talent Hub, drawing both the talent and recruiter in a single platform. It serves as an applicant tracking system (ATS) that brings jobs, candidates, and recruiters in one place. It integrates communication tools for better collaboration and for speeding up the hiring process.

Analytics in recruiting and talent management

Set your goals and track your team’s real-time performance as SmartRecruiters lets you stay on target by creating modernized hiring plans, streamlined offer processes, and recruitment analytics. It personalizes talent engagement, incorporates background checks, and streamlines recruiting data by organizing information in one place as a single source of truth, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and security across the system.

LinkedIn Talent Hub handles candidate screening, interviews, scheduling, reference and background checks, and documentation for new hires. It integrates analytics into the hiring process to let you have a comprehensive view of the process and the talent and data-driven insights for better decisions. It helps you gain an advantage and stay ahead of the competition.

Attracting, selecting, and hiring talent

SmartRecruiters lets you reach out, connect with, and attract talent through community engagement, campaigns, direct sourcing, field recruiting, advertising, social referrals, internal mobility, and employer brand. Its applicant tracking and collaboration tools are designed to increase engagement. It simplifies and unifies processes with your hiring goals, offering the tools for sourcing the talents you want for your organization in the long term.

Integrated with LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Talent Hub allows you to post jobs that can reach quality candidates, track applicants, manage and streamline the hiring process, and build relationships with candidates. It provides data, analytics, and insights in real time, connecting them with the hiring workflow. You can view your pool of applicants to search for candidates based on your requirements and candidate interaction. It also features tools for candidate review, screening, and interview.  

Scalability, collaboration, and integrations

Delivering a dashboard with an intuitive user interface, SmartRecruiters is available in multiple languages, and customizable into a local setting to fit the needs of every user. It is highly-scalable, cloud-based, and has a global reach. It provides flexible accessibility with its mobile app. A modern recruiting for the modern workforce, it features open APIs for integrations and easier collaboration. 

You can efficiently collaborate with your hiring team to get the best talent available in the job market. LinkedIn Talent Hub lets you work with your hiring team through its communication tools and integrations. It has built-in integrations from job boards to HRIS and hiring tools. And it allows you to set interview schedules quickly, without having to leave the application or an open tab.

Which is the better choice?

Both platforms are equally valuable talent acquisition tools that promise a broader social reach. It’s quite difficult to choose between the two. But ultimately, it all depends on your needs and preferences.

SmartRecruiter lets you discover talents via direct sourcing and helps you build relationships with talent communities. You can run integrated recruitment campaigns, track connections, and manage prospects. The application streamlines hiring processes to increase candidate traffic and lets you work smarter with its AI-powered platform.

However, LinkedIn Talent Hub serves as a complete system for hiring and recruitment management, simplifying talent acquisition processes. It helps professional recruiters save time in sourcing talents and managing candidates and the hiring process within a single platform. It offers a workspace for your organization’s requisition and hiring needs, optimizing processes and improving efficiency. 

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