HR is the engine that moves the body of a successful organization. It takes care of the human capital that keeps the business running — from attracting talents to people management, to the tiny details of payroll and benefits. The processes are complex, and the tasks are time-consuming. It requires the right software to help streamline processes, automate repetitive tasks, and integrate essential HR aspects. Namely and Paylocity are two competing platforms that provide advanced HR solutions.

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Namely vs. Paylocity: An overview

Namely is a cloud-based HRIS platform that provides an array of tools for HR needs such as recruitment, onboarding, people management, payroll, benefits administration, analytics and performance management, and compliance. Founded in 2012, Namely is headquartered in Brooklyn.

Paylocity is a software that offers a wide range of human resources and people management solutions. Based in Illinois, it combines HR expertise and technological innovation in providing a fully integrated human capital management (HCM) platform. 

HR solutions integration

Namely integrates HR, payroll, and benefits to streamline processes, featuring automatic salary calculations, benefits deductions, and tax filing. Employees can access their payroll information such as payslips, paycheck history, and deductions. And it employs HR analytics for insights and informed business decisions.

Paylocity collaborates with clients in building the software that suits their needs. It works within the agile philosophy of iterative delivery of its product. The platform manages employee data, streamlines HR processes, automates tasks, tracks time and work status, and collects employee documents.

HR functionality and analytics

Namely offers features that enhance recruitment, simplify talent management, track time and attendance, and merge employee information in one place. You can customize job workflows, post job openings on job boards, perform background checks, evaluate and interview candidates, and parse resumes. It provides HR and analytics tools to help you with onboarding, managing goals, monitoring attendance, and evaluating employee performance. It also automates tasks and processes for accuracy and reduces human errors.

Paylocity employs a data-driven approach to human resources with its analytics and reporting tools. You can view data visualizations — demographics, trends, diversity, utilization, headcount, retention, and costs — in real time to help you understand employee trends for better business decisions. It helps attract and retain talent by enhancing a company’s brand, crafting compelling job descriptions, providing compensation analytics, and offering applicant tracking and recruiting tools. 

Paylocity’s HR Edge feature helps you navigate the complex world of policies, compliance requirements, and social issues that affect not only the business but also the employees. HR Edge is the human dimension of Paylocity, providing consulting services and live support, compliance courses, and custom handbooks and access to its resource library.

Managing payroll, benefits, and compliance 

Namely offers comprehensive payroll management, benefits administration, and compliance support. It features open enrollment, tax filings, W-2s, benefits deductions, integration of benefits and payroll data, consulting and compliance, and a library of compliance resources.

Paylocity offers a position management feature for monitoring, reporting, and keeping position-level data. It also involves managing compliance and compensation and predicting vacancy and changes to the budget. It delivers an intuitive and interactive dashboard for managing payroll and compliance. And it simplifies the complexities of payroll by automating its processes and integrating data with timesheets and benefits. 

Employee engagement

Namely provides tools to boost employee engagement through its self-service feature that’s easy to use, accessible via mobile, offers communication tools, and helps align employees around the company’s shared goals.

Paylocity’s self-service portal provides quick access, flexibility, and mobility, letting people stay connected online and on the go. Its self-service feature lets employees access their information such as payslips, time and schedule, benefits, and personal data anytime and anywhere. They can also interact and collaborate with others.  

Collaboration and integrations

Employees can access Namely anytime and anywhere through a mobile device. It enhances its communication and collaboration tools through an open API to integrate hundreds of third-party platforms, applications, and systems.

Paylocity also offers a Community feature that allows social collaboration for engagement, interaction, sharing, and working together. It combines HR, payroll, benefits, and other HR aspects in its system, and it allows and simplifies third-party integrations to 300+ platforms and productivity tools. 

Namely or Paylocity? 

Namely is offered as an application, a finished product with live services feature, and is designed for mid-sized to large companies. Paylocity, on the other hand, is delivered in collaboration with the client via a series of iterations.

Namely streamlines HR, payroll, benefits, and compliance processes and automates time-consuming tasks. It is fully integrated, and it provides users flexibility with its mobile accessibility. 

Paylocity also provides flexibility in its modifiable all-in-one HR solution that adapts to the needs of a company. It offers employee self-service, compliance dashboard, HR edge, data analytics, and access to information in real time. 

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