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What is file sharing software?

File sharing software is a program that is designed to store and distribute digital files over a network. This is typically done with a peer-to-peer model, but file sharing networks may also be used on an enterprise level. For example, centralized storage space on a network in a remote office may hold crucial work-related documents that the employees of that office may then access.

Though many operating systems offer native file sharing capabilities, cloud-based file sharing services have become a popular solution for businesses looking to manage internal and external access to their digital files.

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How does cloud-based file sharing work?

Cloud-based file sharing takes advantage of the internet’s broadly accessible infrastructure to facilitate quick and easy file sharing from person to person. Services like Dropbox, Sharepoint, and Google Drive allow users to upload files from their local storage and share them with friends, family, and colleagues.

This task can often be completed using a familiar click-and-drag function for peer-to-peer sharing. Alternatively, these services can generate unique URLs that users can share with large groups.

These services may be customized to fit the needs of sizable enterprises. Still, they cannot provide the level of integration with the user’s local storage that operating system file sharing provides.

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