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What is cybersecurity training software?

Cybersecurity training software is a set of courses that a business purchases — in the form of SaaS or an on-premise solution — to prepare its employees to anticipate and handle cybersecurity threats.

Cybersecurity training informs employees about the types of prominent cybersecurity threats as well as how to detect and address them. It simulates cyber attacks and other schemes, such as phishing emails, so employees can better recognize potential threats and know what to do when such attacks occur.

Cybersecurity training is typically delivered in an online, asynchronous environment. This may take place in a cloud-based SaaS app or through a company’s on-premises learning management system (LMS). Alternatively, businesses may outsource cybersecurity training to third-party software providers that specialize in evolving cybersecurity tactics. These providers may be able to update their training more frequently to account for new forms of cyber threats.

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Types of cybersecurity training

Since there are various types of cybersecurity threats — malware, password, phishing, to name a few — cybersecurity training is usually divided into modules that might include:

  • Data management
  • Software installation
  • Password safety
  • Threat detection and response
  • IoT safety
  • Policy and standards development

Who receives what type of training and how often depends on an individual’s role as well as the company’s industry. However, most employees benefit from at least basic training on cybersecurity best practices.

Why is cybersecurity training important?

Cybersecurity training is essential to protect proprietary information and sensitive data that reside within a company’s servers, networks, software, and devices. Cybersecurity threats can be subtle and difficult to detect. They can also be hard to resist when it comes to socially engineered cyber threats that pose as a peer or superior. However, cybersecurity training prepares employees to identify unusual or suspicious behavior and the necessary actions to take.

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