A CRM that suits your requirements is what you need to make your business stay competitive in the digital economy. Freshsales and Zoho are two competing CRM platforms in the market that simplify complex business processes, automate repetitive tasks, help manage client information, and facilitate better customer engagement.

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Freshsales vs. Zoho: An overview 

An AI-based CRM software, Freshsales streamlines complex processes such as lead scoring, communication management, and activity monitoring. It provides communication tools such as phone caller, SMS, and email natively integrated into its system. Freshsales was launched in 2016.

Zoho, on the other hand, delivers a simple and easy-to-use CRM with an intuitive user interface. With more than 10 million users around the world, Zoho offers the right tools to help you manage your marketing, sales, and customer service, connecting analytics and CRM for better client engagement.

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CRM customization 

Freshsales allows you to customize the CRM — account, dashboards, and modules. You can create and edit fields in a personalized module. Freshsales keeps your brand identity by allowing you to rename its core modules like leads, contacts, accounts, and deals. You can also set multiple languages and currencies and create custom activities.

You can customize Zoho’s functionalities and features with predefined actions. Repetitive tasks are automated and complex processes are simplified. Zoho guides you in every key stage of your sales process: following up on leads, sending emails, scheduling engagements, updating client information, and more.

Insightful customer engagement 

Freshsales offers data-driven customer insights to give a better understanding of your clientele. It collects data from your leads that turns into information you can use for more effective customer engagement. You can communicate with your clients directly from the platform through phone calls, emails, chats, or SMS. It tracks all conversations and generates reports to gain more insights on your client engagement.

Zoho lets you view your data and analytics in real time. You can generate customizable reports to share with your team and across your organization. It keeps you updated with trends and customer insights, and it lets you measure your team’s performance via its indicators (KPIs).

Workflow automation: Connecting with clients

With Freshsales, you can automate your workflows, complex processes, and manual tasks to spend your time on important matters such as managing your pipeline and effectively engaging with clients. Let Freshsales do the collecting of client information, tracking of events, and organizing of all your conversations. It also allows you to monitor the progress of your targets and goals, generating analytics and reports on your sales campaigns. 

Zoho offers omnichannel communication tools that let you connect with your clients. Its customer analytics feature assess your engagement strategies with clients. Zoho also tracks all your communications and generates reports for a deeper understanding of your customers. Its AI-powered conversational assistant helps you identify leads, predict outcomes, and plan ways to turn leads into deals. And just like Freshsales, you will receive notifications when clients open your message or click on links.


You can flexibly collaborate with your team in Freshsales as it provides both native and multiple third-party integrations. Plus, it runs on iOS and Android devices to give you mobility. You can connect Freshsales applications to Google Calendar, Mailchimp, Segment, Hubspot, Office 365, Zapier, Piesync, Justcall, Facebook, Calendly, Setmore, GetAccept, Quickbooks, and Xero.  

Zoho lets you integrate with third-party tools, applications, and systems for team collaboration and enhanced productivity. You can link up with Slack, Google Suite, Office 365, Shopify, Mailchimp, SMS Magic, WhatsApp, Facebook, RingCentral, Twilio, Knowlarity, and Quickbooks.   

Which platform suits better?

Both Freshsales and Zoho are excellent CRMs, offering comprehensive tools and solutions to your customer relationship management needs. Freshsales offers a simple and easy-to-use platform, which is best for any size of business.

However, Freshsales has fewer integrations compared to Zoho, which best fits with small and mid-sized enterprises. You can easily customize Zoho and set up quality third-party integrations. It also works well with businesses in customer service, real estate, health services, agency, retail, financial services, and insurance.

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