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What is container security software?

Container security software protects containerized applications from exploited vulnerabilities, malware, and access privilege failures. It’s critical for businesses that need to package their applications quickly and move them between environments.

Container technology was developed rapidly for enterprises to package applications and their dependencies, and fast-growing technologies often lack full security at the outset. However, security solutions specifically designed for containerization environments help enterprises protect the data that resides within containers.

Although containers are designed for protecting applications rather than storing data at rest, the applications still process sensitive business data. Containers from providers like Docker and orchestration engines like Kubernetes manage software and its dependencies, including the data required to run an application. Therefore, container security software is critical for preserving broader application security.

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How does container security work?

Container vulnerabilities can start during the development process if an attacker gains access to the developers’ repositories. If developers don’t realize that the container image has been designed with malicious code, the entire container environment could be compromised. Container security software includes image scanning tools to detect container images that pose a threat.

Attackers may also compromise a container by creating a back door, which allows threat actors to implant malware within an application without authenticating themselves. If a container is compromised, container security software offers incident response and forensic capabilities that examine the code to mitigate the threat and understand what happened.

Other valuable container security features include runtime security, network security, compliance, and integration with broader cybersecurity suites.

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