Toucan Toco vs. QlikView

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Toucan Toco vs. QlikView

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Business intelligence (BI) platforms, such as Toucan Toco and QlikView, offer tools to unearth the insights out of complex data and communicate the stories in a language people understand to stakeholders across your organization. If you want to explore more BI options, our Product Selection Tool simplifies the search process. Just enter your desired product features, company size, and price range, and we’ll send you a list of software options modified to meet your needs.

Toucan Toco vs. QlikView: An overview

Toucan Toco is a software tool for creating apps that tell the stories hidden beneath layers of complex data. It’s one of the leading embedded analytics platforms designed for non-technical people to help build impressive dashboards and transform data into actionable insights.

QlikView is a user-driven business intelligence platform that provides end-to-end data analytics solutions, offering innovative methods of exploring, discovering, and using data. It features an AI-driven data engine that helps democratize analytics by putting it in the hands of users. 

Customizable dashboards 

Creating dashboards is simple and easy with Toucan Toco’s platform that allows you to sync it with your workflow. It provides all the tools you need to build custom applications for communicating the story of your data. It features a built-in, story-telling framework that you can modify to suit your requirements. And it delivers a user-friendly and intuitive interface for easy deployment of your data at scale.

QlikView offers shareable and interactive dashboards packed with powerful tools for creating code-free analytics applications, smart visualizations, and browser extensions. It lets you drag and drop data into the intuitive workspace. You can also embed analytics into your workflows, making data discovery simple. It allows you to explore data and gain fresh insights.

Connecting to data 

Toucan Toco delivers an adaptable integration feature, allowing you to set up a modular architecture for connecting to your data. It links you to all your data from multiple sources, including cloud, on-premise, database, BI ETL, REST API, and flat files. The platform has an extensive list of data connectors and tools. You can even create your own connector via its open-source library. 

When it comes to connecting to your data, QlikView does it for you. It collects and organizes data from different sources and transforms them into analytics-ready and actionable data. It features advanced data preparation and broader data connectivity, helping you move a large volume of data in real time.

Processing data

You can take advantage of Toucan Toco’s advanced data architecture and machine learning as it automates data preparation, modeling, refresh, and update. You can customize the settings of your data update automation and let the platform do the rest. Toucan Toco integrates your data and enables you to embed analytics across your systems.

QlikView automates all data processes, from data preparation, warehousing, and data lake creation to data streaming, refinement, and publishing. It makes all data available for analytics and discovery in real time. QlikView’s associative engine indexes all data relationships, associations, and connections, and then it generates in-context insights. Its augmented intelligence and multi-cloud architecture support a wide range of applicability.

Collaborating with teams 

With Toucan Toco, you can collaborate with your team in real time. It provides a built-in workflow and communication tools within the system that allows you to engage with your team, even if the members come from different locations and time zones. It also features a live chat box where you can interact with your peers.

QlikView is a simplified analytics tool for teams. It lets users access both the data and the platform anytime, anywhere, and on any device. It makes team collaboration easy and flexible. Plus, it integrates third-party productivity tools and platforms such as Slack, Skype, and Microsoft Teams.

Which BI platform suits you better?

Both platforms cater to the end-users regardless of their technical expertise, ensuring that data insights have a wider reach.

Toucan Toco’s simplicity is its advantage. Plus, it’s user-friendly interface helps non-technical people create apps for data communication. It lets you embed analytics and share relevant data insights to the right audiences. The platform offers charts and templates that you can customize for data visualizations.

QlikView’s approach to computational analytics is unique. It democratizes business intelligence by simplifying workflows. And you can build visualizations, interactive dashboards, and applications via its code-free platform, letting you distribute data analytics to more people.

For more information about other BI and analytics platforms, use our Product Selection Tool. It’s simple, and it’s free to use.

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Business Intelligence Resources Toucan Toco vs. QlikView