Business intelligence (BI) software helps businesses become more productive by gathering, analyzing, and transforming data into actionable insights. It comes with data warehousing and visualization, reporting, and dashboards to better identify customer purchasing patterns and marketing trends. Unlike competitive intelligence, BI software pulls data that the business produces instead of from external sources. Thanks to this type of software, anyone can do tasks that could only be done by advanced analytics experts in the past.

BI software aggregates and standardizes data for improved insights on revenue growth, better protection from business pitfalls, stronger issue resolutions, and more accurate future outcomes forecast. Users can quickly make evidence-based decisions.

We compare two popular business intelligence software: Toucan Toco vs. MPOWR Envision. We’ll evaluate their features, pricing models, and integrations to determine the better product for your business. Our Technology Advisors can give you five recommendations when you use our Product Selection Tool. It’s free, easy to use, and takes only five minutes.

Toucan Toco vs. MPOWR Envision: An overview

Toucan Toco is a web-based business intelligence software designed for small to large organizations with KPI tracking, data export, customizable branding, and data visualization. It has a studio module for managing assets and creating new content such as images, visual elements, and files. Toucan Toco delivers data and insights to non-technical users through visual data storytelling. It benefits untrained business users regardless of data literacy level and device used. The software needs no training, design, or coding skills. Use the software for comprehensive data visualization and analysis and business reporting.

MPOWR Envision is an intuitive and user-friendly strategic planning and execution software. It improves team communication, transparency, and alignment across departments and entire organizations. As an easy-to-navigate platform, it offers real-time notifications, simplified reporting, and powerful visualization tools to build team accountability and commitment to execution. The software comes with a progress and health dashboard, real-time reports and summary emails, sunburst map, and voice text progress notes. It simplifies reporting by giving clear insights into business performance and displaying actions and goal status.

A comparison of features

Toucan Toco is equipped with business-intelligence-related features to better understand data:

·         Business intelligence:

Toucan Toco comes with budgeting and forecasting, performance metrics, profitability analysis, visual analytics, trend/problem indicators, dashboard, and key performance indicators.

·         Data analysis:

Achieve sound data analysis with statistical modeling, predictive analytics, and data visualization and discovery.

·         Centralized data:

Toucan Toco connects all business data into one platform whether in the cloud, on a spreadsheet, or in an on-premise database. It allows easy access and quick decision making.

·         Automated reporting:

The software automatically updates data and scheduled reports so users don’t have to worry about data analytics design, development, and maintenance.

·         Ease of use:

The software has an intuitive UI that beginners and data experts alike can explore to understand insights without tutorials, training, and coding skills. Even users without technical knowledge can manipulate Toucan Toco.

·         Collaboration:

Teams have workspaces for interacting and sharing information. Annotate, discuss, export, and share dashboards to improve communication among departments.

MPOWR Envision ensures teams are connected to business plans and projects and committed to success with its features:

·         Integrations:

MPOWR Envision connects with different business apps to allow for easy access to files stored in different places.

·         Universal clarity:

The software uses a sunburst map with universal red-yellow-green designations that reflect project status. Projects can be critical, healthy, or at risk, allowing users to install measures for averting problems, continuing work, and giving immediate attention.

·         Mobility:

Use mobile integrations for on-the-go use. Access data and projects from any mobile device in real time and add notes with the voice-to-text feature.

A comparison of prices

Toucan Toco does not publicly provide detailed pricing information. However, it has an annual subscription model and plans that fit different business sizes. Each plan is available on all devices and requires a quick set up for fast data availability.

MPOWR Envision comes with a 3-tiered pricing plan: Essentials, Professional, and Enterprise. The Essentials plan is ideal for startups and small businesses with 5-200 users. It offers features that align team activity for better plan execution and achievement. The Professional plan comes with everything in the Essentials plan — plus unlimited KPIs, critical success factors, and up to 10 integrations. It’s suitable for small to mid-sized businesses. The Enterprise plan is ideal for large organizations that need to manage plans across multiple teams. It has unlimited integrations, plans, advanced user permissions, and SLA guarantee. MPOWR Envision offers a 30-day free trial for interested users. Speak to sales representatives to request full product and pricing details.

A comparison of integrations

Toucan Toco is cost effective by integrating with common business apps such as:

·         Microsoft Excel

·         Google Analytics

·         Mailchimp

·         Lightspeed POS

·         NetSuite

·         SAP BusinessObjects

MPOWR Envision makes business-intelligence-related tasks easier by seamlessly integrating with:

·         Microsoft Teams

·         Slack

·         One Drive

·         Dropbox

·         Box

·         Google Docs

Takeaways: Toucan Toco vs. MPOWR Envision

Toucan Toco and MPOWR Envision are committed to helping businesses grow with features for data visualization. They offer mobile integrations so users can work and access files on the go. However, they have differences that should be considered when choosing your software.

If you are a beginner managing a startup, Toucan Toco is the more suitable software because of its ease of use. You don’t need any prior experience using business software because it is designed for non-technical users. It saves time by not requiring training and tutorials.

If you have a large business, MPOWR Envision’s universal clarity feature is beneficial because it shows project status. Businesses can prepare measures to address issues and improve critical projects.

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