Big data is all around us. Analyzing data provides us with a deeper understanding of the need and helps us think of more ways to improve processes, products, and services. For companies to stay ahead of the competition, harnessing the power of data can be an essential part of the business. 

The market offers different business intelligence platforms, including Toucan Toco and ClicData, competing for market dominance. It can be time-consuming to analyze and balance the pros and cons of the many software options. However, we have a solution for that. Use our Product Selection Tool, which streamlines your search process. If you enter your desired product features, company size, and preferred price, we’ll send you a list of options tailored to your needs.

Toucan Toco vs. ClicData: An overview

Toucan Toco is one of the leading platforms in embedded and predictive analytics designed for data story-telling for non-technical users. It lets you create a data communication platform that turns insights into action.

ClicData is a comprehensive business intelligence platform that offers data warehousing, processing, management, dashboard design, and automation. It makes data analytics easy and fun with its simple and intelligent dashboards.

Customizable dashboards

Toucan Toco simplifies dashboarding, synchronizing it with your team’s workflow. You can build, design, and modify dashboards to fit your needs and preferences. It features a unique built-in data story-telling framework for communicating data stories at scale. You can tell stories for and co-build the app with your audience via its auto-generating data engine. The platform is easy to use, quick to deploy, and does not require coding experience from users. 

With ClicData, it’s easy to create and customize dashboards. You can organize data, select what to visualize, and deliver instant results. Its dashboard designer lets you transform raw data without having to install anything. Just drop and drag elements into its impressive dashboard, and then you can start performing data analytics. The dashboard is attractive, simple, and easy on the eyes. You can modify it to fit your company branding and style.  

Connecting to your data

You can connect to all your data via Toucan Toco’s adaptable integration feature. It allows you to set up a lightweight, modular data architecture that simplifies work. It introduces a native integration for flat files that can connect you to API, and it has an open-source library where you can create a connector. Plus, it provides over a hundred built-in data connectors that link you to data from any source: cloud, on-premise, BI ETL, database, REST API, or flat file sources.

ClicData lets you connect to your data from 250+ sources and integrate them into a single platform with its own data warehouse and interactive dashboards that you can share with your audience and stakeholders. It integrates all your data in one place, regardless of their format. And to save you time, it automatically updates your data, so you don’t need to do it manually.  

Processing your data

Toucan Toco automates data preparation, modeling, cleaning, and refresh. It processes data with lighting speed, letting you take advantage of its advanced architecture and machine learning. With its rules-based approach for integrating data, creating visualizations, and building queries, you’re not required to have technical expertise to make the most out of the platform. Its impressive user interface allows you to clean, transform, and integrate data in just a few clicks. The platform lets you manage your data quickly, securely, and efficiently. 

With ClicData, data management is made easy through its automation feature. You can prepare, integrate, or transform your data with its easy-to-use ETL tool. It provides a data warehouse that standardizes and integrates thousands of rows of data, making it accessible in a few clicks. ClicData fuses all data assets from different teams, departments, or locations into a single table. Then it calculates, transforms, and augments your data without needing to modify your source data.

Team collaboration

You can collaborate in real time with Toucan Toco. It offers a live collaboration feature where you can work with your team from different locations. Its built-in workflow allows you to work in a safe production environment and have more control in automating processes. You collaborate with teams across your organization, communicating with them directly within the system via its live chatbox.

Collaboration is easy and convenient with ClicData as it provides a clear workflow for working with your colleagues, even if they’re from different time zones. You can add a team or new team members to the dashboard so you can collaborate on data. Plus, it allows you to connect to different productivity apps and third-party platforms via Zapier and its impressive integrations directory. 

Which data analytics platform suits you better?

Either of the two is a solid choice, depending on your needs and preferences. Toucan Toco is best for telling the stories of your data. With its simple and user-friendly interface, it’s easy to govern data and share the right insights to the relevant user across all your communication channels.  

However, ClicData simplifies business intelligence, making it more accessible to all types and sizes of businesses across industries. It offers an agile and innovative technology for teams to manage and integrate data visually in a single platform. 

Should you need more info about other data analytics systems, and compare your options, check out our Product Selection Tool. It’s easy to use, and it’s free.