Toucan Toco vs. BuzzBoard

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Toucan Toco vs. BuzzBoard

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Business intelligence (BI) software improves data discovery and analysis to enhance an organization’s productivity and efficiency. It collects, analyzes, and interprets data into useful insights for evidence-based decision making through data visualization, warehousing, reporting, and dashboards. Business-intelligence-related tasks and processes are completed faster with products, services, and marketing strategies targeted towards the right customers. Reports and presentations that  normally take weeks to make can now be completed in minutes thanks to BI software.

With BI software, understanding reports and figures is easier because they are presented in graphs, maps, charts, dashboards, and summaries. By pulling data that businesses produce, this software identifies marketing trends and customer purchasing patterns.

We compare two popular business intelligence software: Toucan Toco vs. BuzzBoard. We’ll look at their features, integrations, and pricing models to determine the more suitable product for your business. Use our free Product Selection Tool to receive five recommendations from our experienced Technology Advisors. It’s easy to use and takes only five minutes.

Toucan Toco vs. BuzzBoard: An overview

Toucan Toco is a cloud-based business intelligence software designed for all business sizes that comes with KPI tracking, data export, customizable branding, and data visualization. With a studio module, users can manage business assets and create new content such as files, visual elements. Toucan Toco can be used by non-technical employees because it does not require training, coding, or design skills, but uses visual data storytelling to deliver accurate data and insights. It is simple to use regardless of the device used and the user’s literacy level. With Toucan Toco, business reporting, visualization, and comprehensive data analysis can be done in minutes.

BuzzBoard is a cloud-based business intelligence software for various business sizes that analyzes data and produces profiles within a user’s target market. Designed for small to mid-sized businesses across different industries, it offers dashboards, scorecards, data mining, online analytical processing, and report writing. BuzzBoard provides micro-targeting capabilities for prospecting, identifies opportunities for growing customers, monitors top accounts, and generates content to increase customer engagement by using a unique and insights-driven technology. The software offers mobile integrations for accessing data and files on the go.

A comparison of features

Toucan Toco

·         Automated reporting:

Users don’t have to worry about data analytics design, development, or maintenance because of Toucan Toco’s automated scheduled reports and data update feature.

·         Collaboration:

Use the software to improve communication across departments by exporting, discussing, and annotating data and information. Users can share dashboards with the team and use workspaces for information sharing and team interaction.

·         Centralized data:

Gather and store all data in one platform whether in the cloud, in an on-premise location, or on a spreadsheet for quick and improved decision making.

·         Data analysis:

Use the software’s predictive analytics, statistical modeling, data visualization, and discovery for sound data analysis.

·         Business intelligence:

Toucan Toco comes with budgeting and forecasting, performance metrics, profitability analysis, visual analytics, key performance indicators, dashboards, and trend/problem indicators.

·         Ease of use:

Thanks to Toucan Toco’s intuitive UI, both experts and beginners can use the software without training or requiring coding and design skills.


·         Sales enablement:

The software can be used for sales purposes through collaboration, content management, presentation, lead, and contact management.

·         Lead management:

Use BuzzBoard’s lead management features such as lead nurturing, capture, interaction tracking, lead distribution, lead segmentation, campaign management, and pipeline management.

·         Mobile integrations:

Use the software on the go on Android and iOS devices.

·         Messaging:

Use BuzzBoard for business-intelligence-related processes and messaging contacts directly.

·         Reporting and connections:

The software helps create reports that suit varying business requirements. Use it to find people who can introduce the business to contacts and prospects.

A comparison of prices

Toucan Toco does not provide pricing information publicly but is open to quote requests. The software is offered on a subscription basis with plans that suit different business sizes. It is available on all devices and onlyrequires a quick set up for fast data availability.

BuzzBoard offers a 4-tiered pricing plan: Solo, Startup, Growth, and Enterprise. The Solo plan comes with 250 searches and 50 profiles per month, making it suitable for individual users. Use it for default scoring, finding new leads, and building micro-segments. The Startup plan has 1,000 searches and 200 profiles per month for 3 users. It comes with personalized presentations and reports, funnel management, extensions, and ecommerce. The Growth Plan can be used by up to 10 users, 500 profiles per month, and 2,500 searches for mid-sized businesses. Its features include funnel management, digital security, HR, and hiring. The Enterprise plan is suitable for large businesses that can be customized to meet specific needs.

A comparison of integration

Toucan Toco

·         Microsoft Excel

·         Google Analytics

·         Mailchimp

·         Lightspeed POS

·         NetSuite

·         SAP BusinessObjects


·         Salesforce Sales Cloud

·         Agile CRM

·         Zapier

·         Zendesk Sell

·         Salesforce

Takeaways: Toucan Toco vs. BuzzBoard

Toucan Toco and BuzzBoard are both great business intelligence software options, offering features that enhance data discovery and analysis. Both software can be manipulated by any user regardless of literacy level. Though Toucan Toco does not publicly provide pricing information, it offers subscription-based plans that suit different business needs. However, it’s also important to look at their differences when choosing your business’s software.

Mid-sized and large businesses should choose Toucan Toco for its collaboration and centralized data features. Teams can easily share and access data and reports across departments. It saves time and puts all users on the same page.

However, BuzzBoard is also a great option because it offers lead and sales management features that help businesses improve.Startups and individual users should choose BuzzBoard for its mobile integrations, allowing them to access data and files on the go.

If you want more business intelligence software options, use our Product Selection Tool.

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Business Intelligence Resources Toucan Toco vs. BuzzBoard