Businesses from all over the world are using business intelligence tools for their company for a reason. When it comes to data analytics solutions, your company deserves the best BI tool. Tableau and IBM Cognos might be the BI tool that will help your company grow.

Tableau is a business intelligence software that allows you to quickly connect, collect, and process relevant data for your company. This tool enables you to make accurate decisions based on the data gathered. Tableau is an all-around tool that will lead you to choices that will bring profit to your business.

IMB Cognos is a BI tool that allows its users to create, manage, and visualize activity dashboards to present relevant data for the company. It helps your company analyze data with the use of its analytics tools. IMB Cognos also allows you to interact with the data received on their numerous platforms.

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Support tools 

Support tools help you manage software whenever you’re stuck in one of its features. With the support features, you’ll be able to master, or at least learn, how to troubleshoot the software correctly. Here are the available support tools in Tableau vs. IBM Cognos:

Support tools in Tableau

  • Phone support
  • Online support
  • Knowledge base
  • Video tutorial

Support tools in IBM Cognos

  • Phone support
  • Online support
  • Knowledge base


Pricing is another essential aspect of a business intelligence tool. Here are available packages for Tableau vs. IBM Cognos:

Pricing in Tableau

  • Free Trial
  • Tableau Viewer
  • Explorer
  • Creator

Pricing in IBM Cognos

  • Free Trial
  • Proof of Concept
  • Workgroup
  • Standard
  • Enterprise
  • Hybrid Entitlement

Similar features in Tableau vs. IBM Cognos

While each business intelligence tool has its unique feature that helps manage your data, there are some similar features both Tableau and IBM Cognos share. Here are some same features these business intelligence tools have in common:

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Dashboard creation 

When it comes to a personalized experience, Tableau focuses on creating an activity dashboard fit for the skill and experience of its users. With this feature, you can customize the dashboard little by little from a simple panel to a complex cloud-based board. The limit of its dashboard creation is based on your skill in handling the software.

In IMB Cognos, their activity dashboard focuses mainly on its user interface. You can customize its user interface to combine data from various data sources. Its user interface is made simple so you can set down the different vital aspects that need attention. 

Data Analytics 

In data analytics, Tableau focuses on the connectivity and sharing of data. When processing data, Tableau gives its users the option to deploy in a cloud or on local servers. Tableau can also create and publish relevant data, then share them with partners and other business relations.

Data analytics in IBM Cognos focuses more on accessibility on their mobile platform. IMB Cognos allows its users to navigate and analyze relevant data on their mobile phones seamlessly. Various reporting templates and analytical tools can be found on the mobile platform.

Notable features 

Tableau features

  • Data notifications
  • Tableau Reader for data viewing
  • Dashboard commenting
  • Create “no-code” data queries
  • Translate queries to visualizations

IBM Cognos features

  • Interactive content available online or offline
  • A complete web-based experience
  • Easy upload of personal/external data
  • Report directly off a data source
  • Effortlessly combine data sources

Which BI tool performs better? Tableau or IBM Cognos?

When deciding which BI tool works best for your business, remember to check the price, size of your company, and level of experience your employees have in using BI tools. 

If you’re looking for a BI tool that lets you customize or create your dashboard, we suggest that you choose Tableau BI. With the seamless customization of their activity dashboard, you’ll be able to learn how to use their software at your own pace.

But if you’re looking for a BI tool that lets you connect to other platforms, we suggest that you choose IBM Cognos. With the accessibility of their numerous platforms, you can analyze and process data on your phone.

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