Managing your business data shouldn’t be a problem with today’s technology. There are a lot of business intelligence tools on the market that can help you manage, collect, and process important data. If you want to change the way you manage your business, Sigma or Grow might be the tool you need.

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Sigma vs. Grow: Software overview

Sigma is a data analytics and business intelligence tool that helps you generate meaningful insights that guide decisions and drive business outcomes. This software allows its users to securely connect with the cloud data warehouses that store and protect their valuable data. With Sigma, you can visualize the data you’ve stored through robust charts and dashboards. 

Grow is a data-driven business intelligence tool that allows you to unite and blend scattered data from hundreds of sources. With its fully-customizable metrics and dashboards, it can gain access to real-time data that allows you to manage your business’s growth. Grow also provides enterprise-quality data insights that allow you to access game-changing data.

Features and capabilities for Sigma vs. Grow

Both tools have their unique take on the typical BI software set up, which contributes to the overall performance of your business. In this section, we will compare the features and capabilities that Sigma and Grow offer.


  • Activity dashboard
  • Business analysis
  • Business intelligence
  • Data synchronization
  • Metadata management
  • Third party integration
  • Visual analytics


  • Two-factor authentication
  • Summary reports
  • Real-time updates
  • Profitability analysis
  • Progress tracking
  • Data visualization
  • Drag & drop interface

Target customers 

Sigma works best for medium to enterprise-level corporations. With its robust features, businesses can benefit from the advanced features and tools Sigma offers. Sigma is a great tool for those who are looking to upgrade their current business intelligence tool to a new, advanced version.

Grow’s target customers range from small to medium-sized corporations. New users will have an easy time managing this program with its unique and simple design. Grow creates a positive business intelligence experience for both new and old employees.

Similar features for Sigma vs. Grow

Sigma and Grow share features that have the same goal; however, the methods used in achieving that goal might be different. 

Customizable reporting

Sigma’s customizable reporting feature focuses on providing its users with different options when reporting data. This feature allows you to use dynamic charts, graphs, and dashboards to easily convey the data you want to process for your business. With Sigma’s customizable reporting feature, you can use and customize predefined data models to create reusable datasets and accurate reports.

Grow‘s customizable reporting feature allows you to access reusable data tables that combine multiple data sources to help you build advanced and insightful reports. With the help of its data explorer feature, you can navigate your data via charts and graphs to create visually compelling reports for your business. With Grow’s customizable reporting feature, you can summarize your data faster.

Data management

Sigma’s data management feature helps businesses securely connect with their cloud data warehouse and other data sources. This program offers a security firewall, anomaly checker, and threat detection feature to secure your data from any data breach or corruption. With Sigma’s data management feature, your business can prevent unlawful access and hacking attempts from illegal hackers and unauthorized personnel.

Grow’s data management feature imports your related data and keeps the most relevant and current data on hand. This feature allows you to store your data on Grow’s database to avoid using another third-party data warehouse that might corrupt or damage your files. You can store your data to deliver transformative insights with Grow’s data management feature.

Which business intelligence software should you choose? 

We’ll give you a hand in solving that problem if you’re still undecided about what business intelligence tool to choose.

If you’re looking for a BI software that allows you to access reusable data tables that combine data from multiple sources then we suggest you try Grow. With Grow’s customizable reporting feature, you can create clear and accurate reports by navigating through your data from different sources.

If you’re looking for a BI tool that helps you connect with a secure cloud data warehouse then we suggest you choose Sigma. With Sigma’s data management feature, you can prevent data hacking and secure your data from any data breach or corruption with its threat detection feature.

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