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Sigma vs. Buzzboard

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Finding the right BI tool for your business is not an easy task especially now that there are hundreds of tools in the market today. Sigma or Buzzboard might be the tool you need to improve your business processes.

In this article, we’ll compare two of the most notable business intelligence tools in the market. If you want to check out more BI tools, make sure to visit our Product Selection Tool to get a list of recommended vendors that meet your requirements.

Sigma vs. Buzzboard: Product overview

Sigma is a data analytics and business intelligence tool that helps businesses generate meaningful insights that guide decisions and drive business outcomes. This software allows its users to securely connect with cloud data warehouses that store and protect valuable data. With Sigma, you can visualize the data you’ve stored with robust charts and dashboards.

Buzzboard is a business intelligence tool that provides data, insights, and recommendations to B2SMB companies. This software is designed to help users understand their customers and build relationships. With Buzzboard’s intelligent toolkit you can acquire, retain, and grow customers through highly personalized interactions.

Pros and cons for Sigma vs. Buzzboard

Sigma and Buzzboard each have their own set of unique features. While the main function of these BI tools is to help you manage and increase the accuracy and efficiency of your data, they each have additional benefits to help your business.



  • Sigma allows you to bring all your data sources together to help with setting the deadlines, scheduling, and other processes.
  • It allows its users to securely connect with the cloud data warehouses that store and protect valuable data.
  • Sigma allows you to easily convey the data you want to process for your business by using dynamic charts, graphs, and dashboards.


  • Processing large amounts of information and data can slow down the software significantly.
  • Certain reports can take a while to load when multiple filters are applied to the data report.
  • Granting permissions to view a document or data can take time since there’s no way for users to request access to a document.



  • Buzzboard is fairly priced for agencies and businesses and supports mid to enterprise-level companies.
  • It provides users with a plugin on the browser that allows you to find web pages faster and make a report quicker.
  • Buzzboard allows you to pull thousands of reports and share them with your partners and clients for a simple and consistent report. 


  • The online platform search function can be inaccurate at times for some of the client’s profile information. 
  • The speed at which the program runs varies depending on the size of the data you are processing.
  • Manual deletion and/or addition of data needs to be done because certain data inputs can produce inaccurate reports.

Similar features for Sigma vs. Buzzboard

Both Sigma and Buzzboard have many features that will help you manage and process your business’ data. Here are a few helpful features that Sigma and Buzzboard provide.

Visual analytics

Sigma’s visual analytics feature allows data experts and business teams to build a centralized model that makes data usable and insightful for everyone. This feature extends, accelerates, and monetizes the value of your data. It does this by creating data models using proprietary languages that extract data and conduct an independent analysis. Conflicting insights and inaccurate analysis are less likely to occur with Sigma’s visual analytics feature.

Buzzboard’s visual analytics feature uses digital footprints to allow users to design target company personas by selecting combinations of data. This feature helps you identify and analyze prospects that will benefit your business the most. With Buzzboard’s visual analytics feature, you can generate original, data-driven content, and have a clear database to generate an accurate list of viable prospects for your business.

Real-time data

Sigma’s real-time data feature provides a fast and cost-effective way to deliver real-time data to your dashboard. This feature uses embedded analytics to provide you with contextually-relevant analytics that are directly embedded into the applications and workflows for your business. With Sigma’s real-time data feature, you can create interactive and real-time dashboards with visualizations that highlight key data points.

Buzzboard’s real-time data feature is designed to provide data insights and recommendations to your clients with its AI-powered, custom insights model. This feature allows you to access powerful digital signals from hundreds of sources that can be used to create the best database. With Buzzboard’s real time data feature, your business will have real time access to hundreds of data signals to segment and filter according to your business needs.

Choosing between Sigma or Buzzboard

Choosing the right business intelligence tool for your business is all about necessity. While each BI software has its unique features, not all of these features will benefit your company. If you’re still not sure which BI tool you should choose, we’re here to help.

If you’re looking for a BI software that allows you to build a centralized model that makes data usable and insightful for everyone then we suggest you choose Sigma. You can create a variety of data models that will fit any situation for your business with Sigma’s visual analytics feature.

Buzzboard might be the better option if you’re looking for a BI tool that’s designed to provide data insights and recommendations to your clients. With Buzzboard’s real time data feature, you can access hundreds of data insights for your business in real time.

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Business Intelligence Resources Sigma vs. Buzzboard