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Power BI Vs. SAP Lumira

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In today’s digital economy, most businesses big or small see the harnessing of the power of data as the key to building the future. Decisions are made based on facts and accurate analysis of those facts to extract fresh insights and new discoveries. 

Initially released in 2014, Power BI makes data visualization and business analytics easier with its simple interface, designed for technical and non-technical users alike. It allows you to efficiently manage and securely distribute data across platforms within your organization’s digital ecosystem.        

SAP Lumira’s initial release was two years earlier than Power BI’s. As one of the visionaries in the data visualization and analytics market, SAP provides businesses with a platform to manipulate, visualize, and customize data for decision making, improving business processes and services, and discovering new insights. It integrates self-service data analytics, visualization, application, interactive dashboard, and collaborative workspace so you can easily and quickly share insights across your organization.   

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Digital workspace 

Power BI’s dashboard offers an intuitive user interface that you can easily customize, especially if you’re already familiar with other Microsoft technologies such as Excel or Microsoft Power Platform. Its drag-and-drop modules make the dashboard interactive and impressively engaging. You can view your data, generate reports, create stunning visualizations with built-in templates, and quickly share insights and collaborate with peers.   

It’s also the same with SAP Lumira, which has an interactive dashboard where you can easily access the tools and analytic applications. The simple, intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate within the panel. It’s customizable, so you can view the data, visual analytics, and reports on any device. Access to data visualization, data connectivity, and development tools is fast and easy.   

Data and visual analytics

Power BI features modeling tools that save you cost and time in data prep. It’s easier and quicker to ingest, integrate, visualize, and analyze data for new discoveries and insights than many other BI software options. The tools help you simplify complex data sets, connect to data sources, look for patterns, forecast, generate reports, and create visual analytics. And if you’re an advanced Excel user, it will be easier for you to navigate within the system.  

SAP Lumira harnesses the potential of AI-powered self-service business intelligence discovery and data visualization. With its easy-to-use analytics and visualization tools, you can explore data and create a narrative based on gained insights. Use their wide variety of data visualizations to manipulate data and bring it to life with simple-to-use tools for creating interactive visuals — maps, infographics, and charts. You can also build advanced analytics from simple reports with SAP.   

Data distribution and security

As a leading technology player, Microsoft has made data security a priority in recent years, ensuring compliance with all major regulatory standards. You can rest assured that Power BI secures your sensitive data and prevents data loss.   

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You can trust SAP with data security, too. You can securely transfer and distribute data to all data points whether on-premise or cloud deployment. It’s also compliant with global regulatory standards. Thus, all information is safe and your privacy protected. 

Collaboration and integration

Collaborating with peers is easier with Power BI since everybody within your system can access the dashboard, publish, create visuals, generate reports, and share data whether they’re in the office or on the go. Microsoft integrates Power BI with other technologies such as Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Azure, Excel, and SharePoint.  

With SAP Lumira’s simple design canvas, you can collaborate with your peers in business and IT departments. Data sharing is fast and accessible anywhere at any time, so you can adopt new insights quickly. You can bring people from different teams in your business ecosystem to work together — from marketing to IT, from HR to field operations. SAP Analytics Hub allows business users to have access to the dashboard, data, insights, and applications across all platforms of the organization. 

Takeaways: Power BI vs SAP Lumira 

Both software offers the same basic features of a business intelligence software. You can do data analysis with both and get the same benefits. SAP provides a more comprehensive and scalable solution, as you can use the software in almost all departments of your organization, from HR to operations, engineering to logistics.  

Microsoft’s Power BI and SAP Lumira are two leading competitors in the data management and analytics industry. Both of them offer business intelligence tools that make the task of gathering, controlling, and interpreting data easier, faster, and more efficient. 

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Business Intelligence Resources Power BI vs. SAP Lumira