Thousands of businesses and organizations trust business intelligence (BI) solutions, like GoodData and Bold BI, to analyze critical business data.

GoodData is a BI software that lets users connect to any data source using the pre-built connectors. It also allows for the creation of custom branded and colored dashboards. Bold BI is a complete BI platform that simplifies the embedding of advanced analytics right inside a company’s software application.

We’ll compare the features of GoodData and Bold BI in this article to help you determine whether one of these BI solutions is the right software for your business. If you want to learn about more BI software vendors, use our Product Selection Tool.

An overview of GoodData vs. Bold BI

GoodData is an award-winning BI and analytics software that helps companies gain insights into their marketing, sales, and customer service performance. This software offers a reliable warehousing service where data is kept securely. GoodData’s features include pre-built connectors and APIs, interactive interface, data warehousing, dashboards, predictive search and filtering, Extensible Analytics Engine (XAE), custom branding, data modeling, cross-customer benchmarking, ad hoc reporting, pre-built analytic packages, and dynamic charts and graphs. This BI software is best for mid-sized to large-scale organizations and is priced on the higher end.  

Syncfusion, a 20-year-old leader in software frameworks, developed Bold BI. This BI software is designed with rich customization options to make the embedding process easy, so businesses can bring a powerful analytics platform right into their enterprise software and applications. Bold BI has features for collaboration, data discovery, reporting, dashboards, data visualization, WYSIWYG report designing, data modeling, and data preparation. This software is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses. Like GoodData, Bold BI is available at high-end prices.

Features comparison

GoodData and Bold BI have features for reporting, dashboard, and data visualization.


With GoodData, users can create new reports in the Report Editor section. Users can add metrics, attributes, goals, and limits to a report. Reports can also have filters. Users can use drill paths to select specific report values to view them from a new perspective or to discover more data. Users can export reports into PDF, PNG, XLSX, and CSV formats. Reports may be created by users of the project with the appropriate permissions and then added to dashboards to make them available to all project users.

Bold BI has reporting solutions for every business. It has cloud reporting that allows users to create, view, manage, schedule, and share paginated, printable reports. It offers an on-premise reporting environment called enterprise reporting. The software also has embedded reporting offering a designer, viewer, writer, and server embedded within a desktop or web application. Bold BI has a WYSIWYG desktop report designer that allows users to design and export professional SSRS, RDL, and RDLC reports. With this designer, users can create interactive and pixel-perfect reports with parameters, hyperlinks, and the ability to drill down and drill through information. Bold BI reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, CSV, Word, PowerPoint, XML, and HTML formats.


With GoodData, users need to access the GoodData Portal to build dashboards. This software offers KPI dashboards, which can be added any number of times to their workspace. GoodData also has marketing, sales, and customer experience dashboards. Each dashboard in the system contains at least one report, as well as other widgets and web content. Dashboard users may drill into and across the data to display the underlying reports. Drills may be available on titles, values, or labels in individual reports. Dashboards may be downloaded for local review and sharing but can only be edited or created by project users who have been assigned the editor or administrator role. GoodData dashboards can be embedded in other web applications.

Bold BI has a dashboard designer that aids users in building reports. Using the designer, users can start creating the dashboard from scratch or from templates. Users can utilize the software’s drag and drop interface to add tables, objects, and widgets. Unwanted columns can also be removed. The system lets users filter the data that’s not required in the dashboard by using the data filters. Users can customize the sorting behavior of dimension and measure fields in each widget and configure its properties.

Data visualizations

GoodData has an extensive list of native charts and graphs that users can readily add to their reports and dashboards. Users can choose from bullet, bar, donut, column, combo, pie, bubble, line, stacked area, and geo charts. Users can also customize the chart colors.

Bold BI also offers a wide array of charts and graphs. Users can select from some of the software’s most commonly used charts including column, bar, pie, donut, pyramid, funnel, area, line, radial gauge, and grid. The software also has a selection of special objects and widgets such as number card, combo box, list box, date picker, text, image, and map.


GoodData integrates seamlessly with applications for marketing automation, customer marketing, online training, customer engagement management, and learning management:

  • Pardot
  • Influitive
  • Mindflash
  • Totango
  • Learndot

Bold BI has native integrations with tools for file syncing, web analytics, project management, collaborative development, and accounting:

  • Dropbox Business
  • Google Analytics
  • Asana
  • GitHub
  • FreshBooks

The better BI for your business

GoodData and Bold BI both have important features and capabilities that can help stakeholders and business owners understand their business better. GoodData was built for bigger corporations while Bold BI was made for SMBs — but, aside from your business size, you can also consider other details in choosing the better BI.

GoodData is a powerful BI software but is difficult to learn for an average user. Some of its functions can only be fully utilized by users who have intermediate to advanced technical skills. Bold BI is the more appropriate BI software for businesses with users with no programming background. Numerous functions and features of Bold BI can be used without the help of IT.

If you want to explore more BI software options, use our Product Selection Tool to get a free list of trusted BI solutions.