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Connexica vs. Lumenore

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Connexica and Lumenore are reliable business intelligence (BI) solutions used by organizations from various sectors including the retail, healthcare, finance, and government industries. While it’s true that these BI solutions aren’t as popular as IBM Cognos or Power BI, Connexica and Lumenore have valuable and unique features that can be a great addition to an organization.

Connexica is a data warehousing, data management, and business intelligence software designed specifically for the finance, health, and retail industries. Lumenore is an integrated modern business intelligence and analytics platform which generates focused insights for every industry and role.

In this article, we’ll compare the key features and capabilities of Connexica and Lumenore to give you an insight into what these BI solutions can do for your company. Use our Product Selection Tool to learn more about other reputable BI solutions you can trust.

Connexica vs. Lumenore: An overview

Connexica, also known as CXAIR Platform, is a self-service data solution that effortlessly combines structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data to create a single consolidated information repository. Connexica has features for business intelligence, contextual search, data classification, data discovery, data matching, pre-canned analyses, self service data preparation, data visualization, and sensitive data identification. Connexica is ideal for every business size. It has high-end pricing.

Lumenore is a BI software that offers plenty of cloud services targeted at managing B2B companies’ performances. The software empowers users with tools to analyze, envisage, and monetize businesses. Lumenore has features for ad hoc reports, benchmarking, dashboard, KPIs, performance metrics, data analysis, sharing, scorecards, strategic planning, trend and problem indicators, and visual analytics. One of the most popular features of Lumenore is its Ask Me Natural Language Processing (NLP) feature. It is an AI driven feature that understands the intent of questions asked and identifies what entities are involved in order to build the correct search algorithm and retrieve the desired result on screen. Like Connexica, Lumenore is suitable for SMBs and large enterprises and has low-end pricing.

Features comparison

Connexica and Lumenore have features for data connection, data visualization, reports, and dashboards.

Data connection

Connexica can be linked to numerous data sources through countless data connectors. With Connexica, users can bring together information from a variety of different data sources using just a few clicks — allowing analysts to explore the data at a more granular level. Some of the data connectors that can be used for this software are MSSQL, MYSQL, Oracle, DB2, XML, Java, LDAP, .NET, MongoDB, and API.

Lumenore can be connected with multiple data sources including spreadsheets, databases, social media, and any existing cloud-based or on-premise software solution. At present, more than 50 data connectors can be used with Lumenore; and the software developers are planning to add more connectors in the years to come. The current data connectors used by the BI software include Oracle Teradata, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and SAP.

Data visualizations

Like most BI solutions, Connexica has a variety of pre-made data visualizations to help users present corporate data. Users can choose from pie chart, doughnut chart, line chart, area chart, bar chart, column, tree map, scatter plot, histogram, radar, waterfall, and bubble chart. Stacked charts can be used for big datasets. Connexica lets users split charts into four types for better data discovery: comparative, distributive, visual, and relative.

Lumenore also has built-in data visualizations to help businesses identify areas that need attention or improvement. Data visualizations for Lumenore include bar charts, scatter plot, line graph, lollipop chart, map, area chart, and tables. Lumenore offers services if companies need customized or third party visualizations.

Reports and dashboards

Connexica’s reports and dashboards feature allows users to create informative reports and sleek dashboards easily. The system uses a drag and drop interface that lets users modify the layout of reports and dashboards in minutes. Reports in Connexica can be exported in various formats, including PDF, CSV, XML, Image, HTML, and Excel. All visual elements of Connexica dashboards are controlled through CSS (style sheets), which will allow the look and feel of the application to be customized easily without having to change any underlying application code or HTML web pages.

Lumenore enables users to create real-time data reports without help from the IT department. The software helps users monitor the most important KPIs. With this BI software, users can extract multiple reports from different data sources to create a dashboard. Users simply need to select charts, choose a layout, and add KPIs to build a dashboard. For added customization, users may resize borders and other dashboard elements, pick a theme, and select colors. Lumenore dashboards can be published on the user’s selected workspace.


Connexica integrates with leading Patient Administration Systems (PAS), Fuze, and Google Maps. All the other integrations with Connexica are completed using API Connections. If API integration cannot be done, a CSV extract is taken and uploaded into the Connexica system.

Lumenore has native integrations with tools for marketing, web analytics, spreadsheets, and customer relationship management.

  • Hubspot
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Google sheets
  • Salesforce
  • Google Analytics

The ideal BI software for you

Connexica and Lumenore offer unique capabilities that can meet the needs of specific industries or businesses.

Since Connexica was designed for the healthcare, finance, and retail industries, most of its features are concentrated on the needs of organizations from these fields. For one, Connexica has seamless integrations with top Patient Administration Systems. Simply put, you’ll get most out of this software if your business is from the industries in which Connexica specializes.

Lumenore is best suited for B2B businesses. If you’re looking for a software that can help you manage and monitor customer interaction insights, operational performance, business compliance, and workforce performance then you can count on Lumenore.

If you’re still unconvinced, you can explore more BI software options by using our Product Selection Tool. You can get a free list of highly recommended BI solutions in the market today.

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