BuzzBoard vs. MPOWR Envision

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BuzzBoard vs. MPOWR Envision

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Business intelligence (BI) is essential in today’s digital economy. We need data analytics to make informed decisions from strategy to execution. It helps us understand our customers and plan ways to better engage with them. BuzzBoard and MPOWR Envision are two different platforms that feature BI and analytics in their approach to providing data and productivity tools. 

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BuzzBoard vs. MPOWR Envision: An overview

BuzzBoard is a cloud-based BI software designed for companies that sell products and services to small and midsize businesses (B2SMB). Featuring advanced analytics and customized communication tools, it provides data-driven insights to help B2SMB companies know their customers and build relationships better.

MPOWR Envision is a powerful, cloud-based platform for decision-making and strategy execution that focuses on open communication and transparency, ensuring the work is in alignment with the overall business strategy. It provides the tools for putting plans into action instead of locking them in binders. Its user-friendly dashboard lets you view the analytics of your project and see issues your team can act on. 

BuzzBoard, business intelligence for B2SMB companies

BuzzBoard is a niche platform that targets businesses that cater to SMBs. Its tools help enhance B2SMB enterprises to create, grow, and keep a customer base through personalized interactions. 

Analytics for targeted communication

BuzzBoard features digital signals for needs-based targeting, making your communication with new clients and prospects more engaging and relevant. It lets you build trust with your clientele through its custom insights for understanding them better. With actionable, unique, and data-driven insights, you can improve customer experience. Its combined AI-powered analytics, human-audited data, and APIs enable you to create personalized product experiences for your business users. 

Focus on the small and midsize businesses

With BuzzBoard, your salesperson becomes an SMB advisor, focusing on helping clients instead of selling products or services. It provides advanced reporting tools to help you understand your client’s business, including resources, competition, and market, letting you identify both the problems and appropriate solutions. Build your pipeline easily as you have access to more than 20 million SMBs in the US. Its advanced algorithm helps you connect and build customer profiles, giving you the most relevant and updated data you need.

Advanced recommendation engine 

BuzzBoard offers data-driven business insights, communication tools, analysis of your competition, data security, integration with social networks, enhanced HR, and improved e-commerce. It analyzes data for leads, allowing you to prioritize based on the right match between the needs of your prospects and your products or services. You can upload customers’ lists or your list of accounts from your CRM and find look-alikes – clients with similar attributes – from its recommendation engine. Thus, offering you opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling. 

AI and machine learning for analytics

BuzzBoard employs AI and machine learning for aggregating, connecting, preparing, and performing data analytics to ensure accuracy. Its algorithms are customizable. And it allows you some flexibility in deploying your data on top of its team management capabilities and robust security features.  


BuzzBoard allows you to easily integrate your customer intelligence into the platform to improve the performance of your sales and marketing. Through its user-friendly APIs, it provides you with real-time integration with 120+ tools, apps, and third-party platforms, including Chrome, Salesforce, Google Cloud, Segment, Zendesk, and Zapier.

MPOWR Envision, a strategy execution platform

MPOWR Envision lets you articulate your business strategy and align your work to create change. It facilitates the transition from strategic planning to execution. 

Aligning work and strategy

MPOWR Envision is a unique platform specifically built to align and communicate your business strategy for execution, ensuring that everything goes to plan. It boosts your team’s sense of ownership of the initiatives. You can determine whether the plan is on the right track via its color-coded visual map. A project is healthy if it’s green, yellow if at risk, and red if critical.

User-friendly platform with analytics

MPOWR Envision’s platform is user-friendly, easy to use, and simple to navigate. Its intuitive user interface lets you adapt quickly to its built-in dashboards and customizable tools. It provides analytics tools to track your KPIs, action plans, and project status. Plus, it provides forms and templates you can use right away.

Team communication and collaboration

MPOWR Envision provides communication tools where your team has more visibility. You can access and share data with your team and across departments in your organization, which helps promote transparency. Therefore, it empowers your team to become responsible for the shared data and accountable for the role given. 

Simplified reporting

With MPOWR Envision, you can organize and mobilize your team to speed up the growth of your business by inspiring everyone to make their initiatives for your projects to succeed. Its simplified reporting lets you generate reports and share insights about team performance and project outcomes. Its customizable visualization tools help track your project’s progress, goals, benchmarks, and milestones. And it features automatic notification to keep everyone on the loop.


MPOWR Envision integrates other productivity apps and third-party platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Docs, Box, Dropbox, and One Drive into its dashboard. It makes team collaboration simple, convenient, and flexible.

Which is a better platform?

The answer depends on your needs. BuzzBoard and MPOWR Envision are two distinct platforms having different aims, functionalities, and markets. The only feature they share in common is the use of business intelligence to help SMBs. BuzzBoard provides secure, scalable, and robust data analytics powered by AI and human-audited data. MPOWR Envision, however, is designed for planning, communication, and execution of business strategies. 

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Business Intelligence Resources BuzzBoard vs. MPOWR Envision