Businesses are turning to business intelligence (BI) software to enhance data discovery and analysis. This software automates tasks and reduces human errors through dashboards, reporting, data visualization, and warehousing features. Such tasks that could only be done by advanced analytics experts in the past, can now be performed by anybody using BI software. Users can make sound, evidence-based decisions from data that the software collects and interprets into actionable insights.

Compared to competitive intelligence, BI software pulls data that businesses produce instead of from outside sources. It aggregates, standardizes, and analyzes data to identify market trends and purchasing patterns, understand customers, forecast revenue growth, and protect from business pitfalls.

We compare two popular business intelligence software: BuzzBoard vs. ibi. We’ll evaluate their features, pricing models, and integrations to help you choose the more suitable product for your business. Use our free Product Selection Tool to receive five recommendations from our Technology Advisors. It’s easy to use and takes only five minutes.

BuzzBoard vs. ibi: An overview

BuzzBoard is a cloud-based business intelligence software designed to produce profiles and analyze data within a user’s target market for small and mid-sized businesses across different industries. Use the software for targeting capabilities, identifying opportunities for growing a business, generating content for increased customer engagement, and monitoring top user accounts by using an insights-driven technology. Equipped with report writing, online analytical processing, data mining, dashboards, and scorecards, users can access data and files on the go.

Ibi is a web-based BI and analytics software for partners, management teams, analysts, line of business workers, and customers. It is equipped with documents, analytical tools, reports, and applications. Users can gather data from different sources and make dashboards with it thanks to ibi’s predictive analytics, data discovery, natural language search, BI smart search, and location intelligence features. The software comes with self-service visual data discovery tools for sharing content, generating reports, and analyzing data sets.

A comparison of features


·         Messaging:

Use BuzzBoard to send messages to contacts directly from within the software and complete business-intelligence-related tasks with ease.

·         Reporting and connections:

The software helps users find people who can introduce their business to contacts and prospects. It comes with features for creating reports that meet different business requirements.

·         Lead management:

BuzzBoard simplifies the lead management process by offering lead nurturing, data capture, interaction tracking, lead segmentation, lead distribution, campaign management, and pipeline management.

·         Sales enablement:

The software comes with sales features such as lead, presentation, contact management, collaboration, and content management.

·         Mobile integrations:

Use BuzzBoard for on-the-go use on both iOS and Android devices thanks to its mobile integrations. Have access to data and information anywhere you are.


·         Data discovery:

Ibi offers contextual search, sensitive data identification, visual analytics, and self-service data preparation.

·         Data analysis:

The software comes with predictive analytics, natural language search, storytelling, data discovery, visualization, and query builder. It presents data through 3D bar and pie charts, histograms, and data constellations.

·         Reporting:

Ibi ensures businesses have the correct insights for quick decision making by providing automated reports, sales reports, forecasting, drag-and-drop, data source connectors, report exporting, customizable dashboards, and financial reporting.

·         Decision support:

Users can confidently make business decisions because of ibi’s budgeting, forecasting, performance metrics, application development, and data analysis features.

A comparison of prices

Interested users can choose from BuzzBoard’s 4-tiered pricing plan: Solo, Startup, Growth, and Enterprise. The Solo plan is suitable for individual users with 250 searches and 50 profiles per month. It can be used for building micro-segments, finding new leads, and default scoring. The Startup plan offers 200 profiles and 1,000 searches per month for up to 3 users. It comes with extensions, personalized presentations, funnel management, ecommerce, and reports. The Growth plan is designed for mid-sized businesses and offers 2,500 searches and 500 profiles per month for a maximum of 10 users. Use it for digital security, HR, hiring, and funnel management. Enterprise Plan can be customized to meet the needs of large businesses.

Ibi does not publicly provide pricing information, which is a common practice among software vendors. This ensures businesses get the features they need for the right price. As a subscription-based software, ibi welcomes pricing inquiries from interested parties.

A comparison of integrations:


·         Zendesk Sell

·         Zapier

·         Salesforce Sales Cloud

·         Salesforce

·         Agile CRM

Ibi seamlessly integrates with SAP Business One but not with many other third-party applications.

Takeaways: BuzzBoard vs. ibi

There is no doubt of the important role of business intelligence software in organizations. Both BuzzBoard and ibi offer unique features that help users make sense of the data businesses produce. While these software have reporting and data visualization features, they also have differences that need to be considered when choosing a BI software.

Startups and solo businesses should choose BuzzBoard because of its connection feature. It helps users connect with more customers and find new prospects with ease. Its 4-tiered pricing plan also helps businesses choose the most suitable and affordable plan for their needs.

Midsize and large businesses should go for ibi for its reporting feature. Unlike BuzzBoard that only helps create reports, ibi offers insights, automated reports, forecasting, and report exporting to accurately reflect business performance.

Both BuzzBoard and Ibi are great business intelligence software options. If you are looking for more, use our Product Selection Tool.