Getting the right business intelligence (BI) and data analytics software that suits your business requirements can be time-consuming. The industry is highly competitive, and there’s plenty of BI platforms, such as BuzzBoard and ClicData, which offer varying features, approaches, and target markets. But we offer you a solution — use our Product Selection Tool. It simplifies your search process. Just enter your desired features, company size, and preferred price range, and we’ll send you a list of options tailored to your needs. 

BuzzBoard vs. ClicData: An overview

BuzzBoard is a BI and analytics software built for business-to-small-and-midsize-businesses (B2SMB). It features data analytics and communication tools to help marketers and sellers enhance their products and services. The platform provides you with data-driven insights to understand your customers and build better relationships.

ClicData is a cloud-based software that provides comprehensive business intelligence and analytics solutions. It offers data warehousing, processing, management, dashboard design, and automation. Plus, it delivers simple, elegant, intelligent dashboards, which makes analytics easy and fun.


A BI platform for B2SMB companies 

BuzzBoard turns your sales representative into an SMB advisor, focusing on providing help to clients. Its AI-driven reporting tools help you navigate and understand your client’s business, which is necessary for identifying the problems and providing the right solutions. Plus, you can connect to more than 20 million small and midsize businesses across the US and easily build customer profiles.

Advanced analytics and modifiable algorithms

BuzzBoard’s advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning connects, aggregates, prepares, and cleanses your data. You can perform analytics, ensuring the accuracy of the data that surfaces. It has built-in reporting and visualization tools. You can customize the platform’s algorithms to fit your requirements. The app also features team management capabilities for better collaboration. 

Personalized customer experience 

With BuzzBoard, your communication with customers is more engaging as it provides digital signals for needs-based targeting. It helps you build trust with clients and improve customer experience. Through its data-driven insights that you can customize, it lets you better understand your customers. Its data APIs enable you to personalize customer experiences.

Analytics in action and opportunities 

BuzzBoard provides data-driven business insights, analysis of your competition, and communication tools to serve your clientele better. Its business intelligence helps enhance human resources and improve e-commerce. It also integrates with social networks for leads. BuzzBoard features a recommendation engine that analyzes data, prioritizing on matching the customer’s needs and your products or services. Thus, providing more opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.


Through its API dashboard, BuzzBoard offers real-time integration with over 120 tools, apps, and platforms, including Chrome, Google, Salesforce, Segment, and Zendesk.


User-friendly interface, interactive dashboards

ClicData features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to design and create custom dashboards. It lets you organize your data easily. Transform raw data quickly without having to install anything. Choose, drag, and drop data to visualize onto the dashboard, and the platform delivers instant results. Then you can spot trends, forecast, and unearth actionable insights.

Automated data processing

ClicData automates its processes from data extraction and calculation to warehousing and visualization, which makes data management easy. With its easy-to-use ETL tool, you can prepare, integrate, and transform your data. It provides a data warehouse capable of storing large amounts of standardized data. The platform combines and synchronizes all your data sets into a single table for easy access.

Analytics and collaboration 

With ClicData, you can connect to your data from multiple sources and combine all data into a single platform. It provides a data warehouse and delivers interactive dashboards where you can generate reports and discover insights to share across your organization. With its easy access to data, you can better collaborate with your peers, and it even provides a workflow for your team.

Simplified business intelligence

ClicData combines smart automation and machine learning to simplify data analytics, making it accessible to everyone regardless of technical expertise. It offers an agile and innovative platform for managing data.


With ClicData, you can integrate 100+ apps, tools, and platforms, including Access, Airtable, Amazon, Apache, Basecamp, Box, Cassandra, Constant Contact, Dropbox, Dynamo.

Which platform suits you better? 

Depending on your needs and preferences, either of the two is a valuable BI and analytics platform. But they operate in different markets.

BuzzBoard is a niche platform built for B2SMB companies, providing tools for creating, growing, and keeping your client’s customer base. ClicData, however, is a conventional analytics software platform that simplifies business intelligence.

For more information about other BI platforms, check out our Product Selection Tool, which lets you compare your options.