January 18, 2024

Rise People Review 2024

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Rise People product overview

Rise People is a payroll and people management platform catering to Canadian organizations. Its goal is to reinvent the way businesses support people through better recruiting, onboarding, payroll, group benefits, and performance reviews. Rise changes how work happens — and how people work — through people management solutions that seamlessly integrate and scale up with a company as they grow. The platform offers integrated solutions that allow organizations to focus on their most valuable assets — their people. Features include: payroll, people management, onboarding, recruiting, scheduling and time tracking, benefits management, time off, and performance.

Pros of Rise People

  • Rise provides robust scheduling and time tracking features. The software introduces a simple, user-friendly product that includes modern workplace capabilities, such as shift swapping or planning around people’s availability.
  • The solution is also designed with no digital barriers. It all works seamlessly on the web, mobile app, and with biometric face, fingerprint, or RFID scanners.

Cons of Rise People

  • Rise no longer offers a free payroll service to small businesses, which it previously did to organizations with fewer than 20 employees.
  • Some users have reported long wait times for support.


Payroll administration

Rise’s payroll administration includes automated payroll calculations and deductions and employee access to paystubs. The platform also facilitates the creation of custom pay schedules and benefits deductions and supports unlimited pay runs. Any changes in the system automatically sync within payroll, such as when an employee takes time off, or during onboarding and updating information. Additionally, Rise’s payroll feature includes free year-end processing and T4/T4A generation, as well as built-in CRA compliance.

Scheduling and time tracking

The software’s time management feature enables employers to improve support for their hourly and contract employees. The scheduling capability delivers employee scheduling based on location, department, or position in minutes. Furthermore, the platform directly notifies employees if there are any changes to the schedule. Users can post open shifts, create recurring schedules, and approve changes with one click. The time tracking feature has customizable timesheets, GPS timesheets, and advanced time clocks with punches that can be validated by face or touch ID, user ID card, PIN, and mobile punches. Rise also ensures labor law compliance.


Rise’s recruiting and applicant tracking system (ATS) lets organizations build their branded careers webpage. It also comes with Indeed sponsorship for job postings and functionalities such as one-click apply. With the platform, teams can create clear hiring pipelines and include everyone involved in hiring. Moreover, the recruiting feature integrates with onboarding, so users don’t need to enter information twice.


The performance management feature includes 360-degree feedback. It incorporates feedback from an employee’s manager, team, colleagues, and project-based feedback. Also, this feature empowers HR teams to set up review cycles at preferred intervals and nudge employees to remind them to complete reviews. It also offers a question bank and allows users to design customs questions.

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