January 24, 2024

Rippling Payroll Solutions 2024

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What is the top contractor payroll software?

Contractor payroll software allows companies to easily pay their contingent workers, such as independent contractors, gig workers, freelancers, and consultants. It also offers options for companies to collect and store invoices, tackle payments to subcontractors, file tax documentation, and track time.

Rippling is best for growing companies looking for features to accommodate the entire contractor and employee life cycle.

Rippling: Best for managing the contractor-to-employee life cycle

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Rippling is an all-in-one HR software suite with modules in payroll, benefits administration, recruitment, and learning management. With Rippling, companies can automate their payroll processes, including federal, state, and local tax filings and new hire reporting in all 50 states. Rippling even automatically requests and gathers compliance documents from contractors and employees and stores them electronically for record-keeping.

Because of its diverse catalog of features, Rippling can accommodate businesses that expect to move beyond basic payroll functions for their contractors. For example, companies can add modules with more advanced features as business needs for their contractors’ scale, such as international payroll support. Companies can also purchase, configure, and ship company equipment to remote contractors with Rippling’s IT features. As a result, contractors have the tools to produce quality work on par with the company’s employees.


  • Automatic tax filings for employees and contractors.
  • Robust reporting, with options for pre-made or customized reports.
  • Over 500 integrations, including QuickBooks and NetSuite for accounting.
  • Expense management module for both domestic and international workers.
  • Payment to contractors in over 50 countries, with dynamic currency conversion.
  • Options for EOR and PEO services.


  • Confusing, non-transparent pricing.
  • Global payroll and time-tracking are add-ons.
  • Companies must subscribe to the Rippling Unity workforce platform before accessing payroll options.

Key features

Modular add-on features: Companies can add additional Rippling modules as their business needs expand and change. By leveraging modules like recruitment and performance management, companies can streamline their onboarding and retention processes to create a consistent experience for contractors at every stage of their employment relationship.

Contractor misclassification support: Similar to Justworks and Deel, Rippling incorporates compliance features into every aspect of its software — such as offering guidance to companies on when to switch contractors over to employees. Rippling users can even sign up for Rippling’s EOR or PEO services, which provide the best of Justworks and Deel to drastically reduce their chances of worker misclassification.

Why we chose Rippling

Rippling allows businesses to combine their disparate HR software into one and layer on advanced talent and performance management functionality as needed. In this way, companies can effectively manage contractor payments while fostering positive contractor-employer relationships. Thus, Rippling is a great option to support contractors from the start to the end of their projects with the company.

How to choose the top contractor payroll solution

The best contractor payroll solution allows companies to run both their employee and contractor payroll services in one place while easily tracking, creating, and filing necessary tax documents.

  • Go with Rippling for modules to support your contractors’ growth with your business.

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