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What is construction project management software?

Construction project management software, or construction PM software, is a project management solution specifically built to streamline construction tasks. The software enables a construction company to effectively project plan, monitor, and collaborate, and it unites builders, contractors, and clients in one place.

Apart from facilitating collaboration and communication, a construction project management tool offers various features for tracking project progress and costs, such as document management, scheduling, contract management, and quality assurance. Numerous construction project management solutions also integrate with other software systems for takeoff, estimating, job costing, and construction accounting.

Construction project management software automates tasks and connects workflows and data across the project lifecycle, enhancing efficiency and productivity for the construction team. Additionally, it can send updates on project scope or resource availability to construction professionals and supervisors in the field.

With this software, the project manager can create construction quotes and bids, plan and assign tasks, track business expenses, generate purchase orders and invoices, and make payments. Essentially, construction management software provides everything required for the general contractor to get construction projects finished on time and within budget.


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Construction management software vs. project management software

While there are many similarities between construction management and project management, they are not exactly the same thing.

Construction management is specifically for supervising a building project. It delivers integrated capabilities for estimating and exporting budgets, proposals, subcontracts, and purchase orders. Some construction project management solutions, like Sage Contractor 100, manage all phases of construction and service management in one out-of-the-box solution. Construction project management software mainly focuses on handling the day-to-day job site operations, from tracking workers to monitoring change orders.

Project management, on the other hand, is broader and covers the entire scope of a construction project and other tasks, such as recruiting and marketing. And not all project management software are suited for construction management—but some are. For example, Houzz Pro combines lead and project management and is used for marketing and attracting more clients. There’s also Zoho Projects, a configurable project management platform, that supports construction management with features like project document management, on- and off-site collaboration, and invoicing.

Construction management software are project management tools, but not all project management solutions are for construction management.

How does construction project management software work?

Managing construction projects is a complex process. For a construction business to be successful, it should be able to effectively work on multiple projects, stay in budget, keep teams on schedule, and ensure quality. Reliable construction project management software simplifies these processes and allows construction firms to centralize tasks, securely share information, and track all project elements in real time.

Construction project management software works by linking data, equipment, and people. The tool automates document distribution and workflows and makes sure that every contractor uses a single version of the truth. The software also digitizes documents to create audit trails across all construction projects, and it can help craft contracts.

Additionally, the software helps put together realistic project estimates and monitor expenses and resources. For instance, contractors can use construction management software to plan out needed tools and materials while creating a project budget and timeline. It can also manage business reporting, which can be used to improve business practices or uncover new opportunities.

What are the benefits of construction project management software?

Aside from transparent project tracking, construction management software offers a wide range of other benefits.

Improved collaboration

With construction project management software, members of the construction team can collaborate anywhere and anytime. The software keeps builders, contractors, clients, and stakeholders aligned, even when they’re not on the job site.

Many software providers also have mobile apps for workers to stay connected on the go. Advanced collaboration features let users send messages, documents, and drawings. And construction project management software allows project managers to communicate updates, budget statuses, and reports to clients.

Better accountability

Most construction management platforms have document control, which minimizes liability by creating audit trails for plans, RFIs, change orders, and submittals. The software stores documentation in a secure repository with version control, so users know when something is added or updated.

Security and accessibility

Since construction management software comes with document control and management features, businesses won’t have to worry about losing paper documents. Centralized document storage increases document security and lets authorized users access files from anywhere.

Enhanced cost control and budget management

Construction management enables managers to track project estimate costs, and it notifies them if the project is about to exceed the budget. Furthermore, many construction project management systems integrate with construction accounting software, boosting data accuracy and financial insights.

Effective resource management

Construction management software organizes resources for smarter decision-making. It tracks and analyzes previous project data to identify weaknesses in resource management and prevent mistakes.

What’s the business impact of construction project management software?

While it’s true that construction project management can be done manually, doing so is time-consuming and stressful. But above all, manual management can open you up to inaccuracies and errors.

Construction project management software is an indispensable tool that supports companies of any size. It brings businesses everything they need to manage construction projects from start to finish, with features that help complete projects safely, on time, and within budget. And task automation improves service quality by eliminating project delays and ensuring accurate estimates and smoother workflows, leading to higher client satisfaction and even business revenue.

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