One of the challenges in business intelligence (BI) is communicating data stories in a language that people understand. It helps non-technical people not only in their decision-making but also allowing them to create more ways to enhance business processes, products, and services. BI software, such as Toucan Toco or Grow, is essential for a business to stay competitive.

But, just as in any industry, the BI and analytics market is highly competitive. Choosing which software platform provides the features that best fit your organization can take much of your time. If you use our Product Selection Tool, you’re halfway ahead, as it streamlines your search process. Just tell us your desired features, company size, and price range, and we’ll send a list of options tailored to your needs.

Toucan Toco vs. Grow: An overview

As one of the leading platforms in embedded analytics, Toucan Toco is a software tool for creating applications to tell your data stories. It is designed for non-technical users to provide them with a simple yet powerful platform that transforms data into actionable insights.

Grow is an all-in-one business intelligence solution for discovering insights to grow and transform your business. It provides a simple yet powerful platform for connecting, storing, transforming, and visualizing your data for better decision making.

Custom and dynamic dashboards  

With Toucan Toco, it is easy to create custom dashboards that you can modify to suit your needs. You can sync it with your workflow, and it does not require technical expertise to build an application for telling the stories of your data. It has a unique built-in data story-telling framework that enables you to share and deploy data insights at scale. Through its auto-generating data engine, you can co-build the application with your audience. And it delivers an impressive interface that’s intuitive and user-friendly.

Grow features advanced tools for exploring and visualizing your data, allowing you to build metrics, custom views, and dashboards quickly. You can navigate your data with ease through a variety of charts and graphs on its dynamic dashboards that you can modify to fit your requirements. Grow lets you create impressive visualizations of your data. It provides all the tools you need to build metrics, merge and transform data, and explore different ways to make your data-driven insights available to your audience. 

Connecting to multiple data sources

Toucan Toco offers an adaptable integration feature that lets you connect to all your data from multiple sources. It provides 100+ connectors that link you to your data and flat files housed in the cloud, on-premise, BI ETL, database, or REST API. You can also take advantage of its open-source library to make your own connector.

You can connect to all your data with Grow’s advanced system. It allows you to easily import your data from multiple sources such as CRMs, web analytics, advertising, or financial reporting platforms-and transform them to power your metrics and dashboards. All your business-critical data are stored in one place, in its data warehouse for easy access to the most relevant and current data. 

Data prep and processing

Toucan Toco processes your data faster as it automates data prep, cleansing, modeling, refresh, and update via its advanced data architecture and machine learning. It offers a rules-based approach in its platform for efficient integration of data, building visualization, and making queries. In just a few clicks, you have all your data ready for analytics so you can glean insights and generate reports to share with your stakeholders. 

With Grow, it’s easy to prepare, cleanse, and transform data to power your metrics and dashboards. It features native integrations such as databases, CRM, ad platforms, socials, accounting, analytics, and flat files to let you import data from different sources through APIs. You can automate data refresh to keep your metrics updated. It features both non-SQL (no code) and SQL (code) transformations of your data, making it accessible to non-techies and experts alike. 

Collaboration and productivity

Working with peers is more engaging with Toucan Toco as it provides real-time collaboration features. With its chatbox, you can communicate live with your team, even if the members come from different geographical locations. It also has a built-in workflow, which lets you work in an environment where you have more control in automating the processes.

You can share insights with everyone across multiple channels to all departments and teams in your organization, which makes it easier to collaborate with peers and achieve business agility. It democratizes decision-making as everyone on your team has access to insights. And it integrates with Slack, a third-party productivity and collaboration tool, to automatically notify your team.

Which BI platform better suits you?

The answer largely depends on your needs and intended use of the platform. If you’re looking for a tool for creating applications that tell the stories of your data, choosing Toucan Toco is a better decision. It simplifies dashboarding and analytics via its impressive user interface. And it lets you share the right insights to relevant audiences.

However, if you want a comprehensive BI platform, Grow offers more features, including data warehousing and creating your visualizations. It enables you to optimize the use of data for planning strategies and provides data-driven insights to boost your business, from internal processes to sales and marketing.

If you need more information about other BI and data analytics systems to compare your options, check out our Product Selection Tool. It’s simple, and it’s free to use.