More businesses are seeing the benefits of business intelligence (BI) software. With data visualization, analysis, warehousing, dashboards, and reporting features, organizations can make better sense of data and transform them into actionable insights. BI software allows any user to access data and perform business-intelligence-related processes, which was only possible with the help of advanced analytics experts in the past. Instead of gathering information from outside sources, this type of software collects data produced by the business. This allows owners to see actual business performance.

BI software helps users identify market trends and purchasing patterns to create targeted marketing strategies, protect from business pitfalls, and forecast growth revenue more accurately.

Let’s compare two popular business intelligence software: Sigma vs. Toucan Toco. We’ll consider their integrations, features, and pricing models to determine the more suitable software for your business. Use our Product Selection Tool to receive five recommendations from our experienced Technology Advisors. It’s free, easy to use, and takes only five minutes.

Sigma vs. Toucan Toco: An overview

Sigma is a cloud-based business intelligence and analytics platform that provides live access to cloud data warehouses for all business sizes. It lets business experts retrieve more data without using a single line of code thanks to the software’s intuitive spreadsheet interface. Sigma comes with access to the cloud, full power of SQL, and a familiar interface that can be used to freely collect and analyze data with no limits. The software is designed for different industries and works as a self-service analytics platform.

Toucan Toco is a web-based business intelligence software that comes with data visualization, customizable branding, data export, and KPI tracking designed for all business sizes. Users can take advantage of the software’s studio module for managing business assets and creating new content such as visual elements and files. Different business-intelligence-related processes can be completed in minutes through Toucan Toco’s visualization, business reporting, and comprehensive data analysis features. Users will find the software easy to navigate regardless of their literacy level and the device used.

A comparison of features


·         Self-service capability:

Use the software and save time working on tasks and processes with Sigma’s self-service functionality. It comes with calculated fields, data column filtering, auto-modeling, collaboration/workflow, and search capabilities.

·         Reports:

Reporting is easier with Sigma’s dashboards, step-by-step report guide, report interface, scorecards, as well as graphs and charts for clear data presentation.

·         Advanced analytics:

Users can better understand trends by using the software’s advanced analytics features such as predictive analytics, data visualization, and big data services.

·         Data modeling and blending:

Use Sigma’s data filtering capability to view or analyze a smaller selection of a data set.

Toucan Toco

·         Collaboration:

Use the software to share dashboards with the team and create workspaces for team information and sharing. The software can also be used for improving communication across all departments by annotating, discussing, and exporting data and information.

·         Automated reporting:

Toucan Toco has an automated reporting feature with data update and scheduled report functionalities so that users won’t have to worry about data analytics development, design, or maintenance.

·         Centralized data:

Data can be gathered and stored on one platform whether on a spreadsheet, an on-premise location, or in the cloud to allow for improved and quick decision making.

·         Business intelligence:

Users can benefit from the software’s trend/problem indicators, dashboards, key performance indicators, visual analytics, profitability analysis, performance metrics, budgeting, and forecasting.

·         Ease of use:

Toucan Toco has an intuitive user interface, allowing beginners and experts to use the software without requiring training, coding, or design skills.

·         Data analysis:

The software can offer statistical modeling, predictive analytics, data visualization, and discovery for accurate data analysis.

A comparison of prices

Sigma’s pricing plans are not available publicly, which is a common practice among software vendors to help ensure that businesses get the right features they need. Interested users can contact the vendor directly to request a quote and discuss their needs with representatives. Sigma also offers a free trial so that prospects can test the software before subscribing.

Toucan Toco also does not provide pricing information publicly but is open to quote requests. The software is subscription-based with plans for various business needs. Use it on any device through a quick setup for fast data availability.

A comparison of integrations

Sigma’s integration information is not publicly available. Interested users can contact the vendor directly for full details.

Toucan Toco:

·         SAP BusinessObjects

·         NetSuite

·         Lightspeed POS

·         Mailchimp

·         Google Analytics

·         Microsoft Excel

Takeaways: Sigma vs. Toucan Toco

There is no doubt that Sigma and Toucan Toco are great business assets given their strong business intelligence features. Both software don’t publicly provide pricing information, but Sigma has the advantage of providing a free trial. 

Small and mid-sized businesses should choose Sigma for its data filtering capability that lets them see data in smaller sets for a more focused data analysis. This helps businesses quickly spot issues and address threats even before they happen.

Sigma is also a good choice for businesses that are looking for easy-to-use software since it has self-service capabilities. It doesn’t require a single line of coding and training to retrieve more data.  

Large businesses should choose Toucan Toco because the software can also be used as a collaboration tool that allows them to improve communication across departments. They only need to use one software for completing business-intelligence-related processes and project management tasks.

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