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Power BI Vs. Dundas BI

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In order for businesses to grow, the importance of using data and transforming it into useful business insight is paramount. Technology helps businesses compile data at a large scale, but it’s oftentimes difficult to make sense of it all. This is why business intelligence software products have been developed, which provide a set of tools for retrieving, analyzing, and transforming data into bases for decision-making. Examples of these tools are reporting, dashboards, data warehousing, and visualization. Unlike competitive intelligence that pulls data from external sources, business intelligence retrieves data from within the organization.

Let’s compare two popular business intelligence software products: Power BI vs. Dundas BI. We’ll consider their features, pricing, and integrations in order to help you make a sound decision for your business. You can also access our free and easy-to-use Product Selection Tool to receive 5 recommendations from our Technology Advisors tailored to your business needs.

Power BI vs. Dundas BI: An overview

Power BI identifies as a web-based suite of applications designed to analyze business data and insights through rich visualizations. It has drag-and-drop tools that can be used to share and publish data with other users through the online Power BI service. The various features of Power BI can be used for creating and distributing content for free, monitoring key data, sharing dashboards, accessing and interacting with data from different mobile devices, and embedding visual reports into applications. Power BI integrates with Excel, allowing users to manipulate and analyze Excel data in different ways.

Dundas BI is a data visualization and business intelligence platform that includes data analytics, reporting tools, and integrated dashboards. It is a user-friendly and flexible BI platform that lets people within an organization use their corporate data to gain more insight regardless of their needs, skills, and roles. Users can create personalized dashboards, analytics workflows, and reports to make sound business decisions. Dundas BI allows users to access the software and create dashboards from any mobile device and has a touch-based interface and responsive design..

Power BI vs. Dundas BI: A comparison of features

Power BI has several features that make its service efficient:

  • Industry-leading AI: Power BI uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help non-data scientists prepare data and make use of both structured and unstructured data.
  • Unified self-service and enterprise analytics: Users can use a single platform for business data and self-service analytic needs. It has an open connectivity network, fixed layout paginated reports, semantic models, and application life cycle management toolkit for users.
  • Text analysis: Power BI takes in both negative and positive sentiments on social media and provides insights on these.
  • Smart visualizations: Power BI makes data and results presentations more compelling by using advanced data visualization techniques and guided analysis.
  • Content packs: Content packs are now being used by many applications such as QuickBooks. These contain embedded queries, dashboard reports, and data model.
  • Natural Language and Q&A: One of the most powerful tools of Power BI is this feature, which allows users to write questions while providing answers. These can be manipulated to match the visual needs of users.

Other features of Power BI include:

  • Custom visualization
  • DAX Data Analysis Function
  • Print Dashboard
  • Get Data (Data source)
  • Location analytics
  • Self-service data
  • Excel integration

Dundas BI identifies itself with the following features:

  • Dashboards: Dundas BI has the capability to build dashboards, scorecards, and reports. It has customizable dashboards for monitoring and measuring performance in real-time. It has communication and collaboration tools that let users analyze any metric with comments and questions and answer another user’s question or comment. Through its slideshow feature, users can select their dashboards in sequence, much like a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Self-service analytics and visual data discovery: Dundas BI allows users to get insights faster through its smart visuals, built-in visual data preparation, and advanced data tools. It reduces time spent switching between apps to get insights.
  • Data visualization: With Dundas BI, users can use a variety of graph and chart formats to  view data easily. It has score cards that can be used for visually tracking predefined and user-defined KPI’s.
  • Advanced analytics: This software can analyze historical and current trends for making predictions about trends and events. It uses advanced graphical techniques for effectively communicating complex information.
  • Platform: Dundas BI has mobile user support and is highly customizable. It grants access to users based on their groups and user roles for selecting features, data, and objects.

Other features of Dundas BI include:

  • Insights
  • Data modeling and blending
  • Data preparation
  • Reports
  • Advanced analytics

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Power BI vs. Dundas BI: A comparison of prices

Power BI has two types of products — Power BI, which is free, and Power BI Pro, which is subscription-based. Power BI Pro is suitable for businesses that need self-service features. It is fully managed by Microsoft and has publishing, collaboration, sharing, and ad-hoc analysis. There is Power BI Premium, which is suitable for organizations that need big data support, advanced analytics, and cloud and on-premise reporting. Interested parties can contact the vendor directly to learn more about the products.

Dundas BI operates through licensing, which means each type of license offers specific access and permissions. It doesn’t publicly provide information on its licensing models to allow them to provide quotes to customers that are tailored to their needs. Interested parties can contact them directly and avail the free trial.

Power BI vs. Dundas BI: A comparison of integrations

Power BI integrates with a variety of apps such as Github, Google Analytics, Twilio, Facebook, Salesforce, QuickBooks Online, Azure, Excel, and Zendesk.

Dundas BI works with apps like Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, Salesforce Sales Cloud, PowerPoint, Google Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sharepoint, Microsoft Outlook, Azure, and Pardot.

Choose the best BI software for your business

Your business can benefit greatly from a BI software solution, so make your choice count. Consider a product that has great data visualization to help you see and understand reports more quickly. It should be customizable to suit your business’s changing needs and have access and permissions that can be changed according to users’ role and groups.

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