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Intellicus vs. CleverMaps

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Intellicus and CleverMaps are modern-day business intelligence (BI) solutions that can help business owners gain a better understanding of how their business is doing through visualizations. These BI solutions also offer valuable interactive capabilities that allows users to focus on the important data.

Intellicus is a BI platform that is designed to help enterprises access, view, and gain actionable insights from their corporate data anywhere. CleverMaps connects large volumes of internal and external business data and visualizes the business impact of location.

In this article, we’ll compare the primary features of Intellicus and CleverMaps to help you decide whether one of these reliable BI solutions is the right software for you. Use our Product Selection Tool if you want to learn more about other BI solutions.

Intellicus vs. CleverMaps: An overview

Intellicus is a complete BI suite for businesses. It allows companies to perform 360-degree analytics and enhance their return on investment with insights that matter. Intellicus has features for self-serve ad hoc reporting, personalized dashboards, enterprise mobility, real-time analytics, alerts and notifications, role-based access control, and mobile access. This BI tool is ideal for any business size. It has scalable and average pricing.

CleverMaps is a cloud-based location intelligence platform that displays spatial data about business in a way that is easy to understand. The platform provides an interactive map with data filters to gain precise insights into relevant business data. The main features of CleverMaps include location analytics, trade area analysis, geospatial-business intelligence, branch network optimization, geomarketing, market potential analysis, competitor analysis, data visualization, and data analysis. Like Intellicus, CleverMaps is suited for any business size. It has high-end priced plans.

Features comparison

Intellicus and CleverMaps both have features for data visualization, dashboards, and mobile access.

Data visualization

Intellicus gives businesses a clear idea of what data means by giving it visual context through maps or graphs. Data visualization objects from Intellicus include bar, bubble, candle stick, curve, curve area, line, scatter, column, pie, radar, and gauge charts. Users can modify the themes, color, and dimensions of charts in this BI software.

With CleverMaps, users can also choose from a selection of charts and graphs for data visualization. Since this BI specializes in location intelligence, heatmaps and dotmaps are the two types of visualizations most commonly used. Other visualization items from Clevermaps are area charts, tables, histogram, time series, block charts, column charts, distribution blocks, grid charts, and zone charts. This software has a qualitative visualization feature that allows users to colori objects on the map with a set of predefined colors, based on the prevailing category of this object.


Intellicus allows users to easily create dashboards using its drag and drop interface. Users can choose the charts they prefer to represent their data and customize the chart properties. Intellicus users can rename charts included in the dashboard and combine different charts. Additionally, users can view the trends and analyses with this feature. Users can add widgets and add filters for the dashboard to display specific information. Intellicus dashboards can be drilled down to show underlying data.

CleverMaps users can perform various ways of formatting dashboards with this BI solution. It’s possible to group dashboard items, change their size or font, or display one of its indicator drill blocks directly on the dashboard. Elements in the dashboards can also be collapsed or expanded (using right mouse click). Users can adjust the views in CleverMaps such as map center or zoom limits. The software lets users create filters with sliding date values. Users can choose from an available view icon palette that includes icons for ATMs, roads, and city buildings. Users can create customized dashboards with CleverMaps, too.

Mobile access

Intellicus has native mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. With the mobile apps, users can perform Ad-hoc and multidimensional analysis. They can also access personalized dashboards and simply use swipe or tap actions for measuring data on various parameters. The mobile app has a data recall feature in case of stolen devices.

While CleverMaps doesn’t have a dedicated mobile application that can be installed in mobile devices, the system is accessible from any modern mobile browser because this BI is entirely cloud-based. Users can explore data and maps through the browser and be updated whenever they are. It’s important to note, though, that since maps are a primary component for CleverMaps, the system is better suited for mobile devices with larger screens, such as tablets.


Intellicus has built in integrations with solutions for SMS messaging, collaboration, spreadsheets, cloud computing, and application management:

  • ClickSend
  • Fuze
  • MS Excel
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure

CleverMaps integrates with applications for data management, data preparation, software development, business intelligence, and car data analysis:

  • Doorda
  • Keboola
  • GitHub
  • Accantec
  • Wejo

Making the right choice

Intellicus and CleverMaps have all the features a standard BI software should have — and more. At the end of the day, one software will be better suited for your company than the other.

If you’re looking for the option that has better mobile capability, Intellicus is the right choice for you. The software allows users to perform various BI tasks anytime and anywhere. Even though CleverMaps has robust capabilities, this BI software model might not be suited for all industries. CleverMaps is best for businesses with offices or customers from different locations.

There are plenty of trustworthy BI solutions out there, explore more options by using our Product Selection Tool.

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Business Intelligence Resources Intellicus vs. CleverMaps