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Ibi vs. ClicData

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The data analytics industry is highly competitive. It takes time to choose the best business intelligence for your organization. For instance, ibi and ClicData are two competing analytics platforms that offer tools for analyzing data and building applications.

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Ibi vs. ClicData: An overview

Ibi is an advanced analytics platform based in the cloud for embedded business intelligence. It turns otherwise complex data assets into actionable blocks. It streamlines your data, automates analytics, and allows you to embed data insights into processes across systems.

ClicData is a cloud-based business intelligence software that offers comprehensive analytics solutions: data warehousing, data processing, data management, dashboarding, and automation. It simplifies data analytics, making them accessible to non-technical users.

Customizable and user-friendly dashboards

Ibi lets you access data and analytics in real time through its advanced visualization and reporting tools. It processes, analyzes, and surfaces data in a simple language, allowing users to customize the platform via its self-service dashboard. It features all the tools for data visualization, report generation, and data exploration. You can dig deeper into your data, explore, and discover actionable insights, bringing data into life.

ClicData provides a user-friendly interface and helps you design interactive, customizable dashboards. You can modify the dashboards to fit your needs and preferences. It allows you to organize and transform your data without having to install anything. Just select the data to visualize, drag, and drop it onto the dashboard and let the platform do the rest. ClicData delivers instant results, which allows you to identify data trends, forecast, and discover fresh insights.

Connecting and integrating data

Ibi connects you to your data housed in multiple sources, including databases, cloud systems, on-premise applications, social networks, streaming, spreadsheets, offline files, machine-generated, and other analytics platforms. It integrates all your data seamlessly in one place. The platform relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning for data preparation, cleansing, and integration. It streamlines and automates processes to simplify analytics.


Just like ibi, ClicData gathers all your data from multiple sources and combines them in a single platform, providing you with a data warehouse to store, process, and analyze your data assets. It delivers an interactive dashboard for analytics, data discovery, reporting, and visualization. Access to data is easy and secure. You can quickly share data and insight with your team and anyone across your organization. And it integrates workflows in its workspace for better team collaboration.

Automated data processing

Ibi features embeddable augmented analytics, which are useful in providing in-context data insights. You can get recommendations via its dynamic visualization or when you perform queries. It automates all data processes with its advanced machine learning and AI technology that continually enhance the interaction between the machine and humans. Ibi simplifies business intelligence, bringing data to more users. It allows you to embed analytics into your business processes, systems, and applications at scale.

To streamline your data, ClicData also automates all your data processes — from extraction, preparation, and calculation to warehousing, visualization, and deployment. It makes data management simple with its easy-to-use ETL tools that help you prepare, integrate, and transform your complex data into analytics-ready data. ClicData syncs and integrates your data for easy access.

Simplifying and democratizing analytics

By providing end-to-end data integrations, Ibi democratizes business intelligence and analytics. It eliminates organizational silos, promotes transparency, and ensures the quality, accuracy, and consistency of your data. Access to data is easy and secure. Everyone can share actionable insights and make data-informed decisions, which makes collaboration seamless.

ClicData simplifies BI and analytics by combining intelligent automation and machine learning, making business intelligence accessible to all types of users, whether they’re technical or non-technical. Its agile and innovative platform helps make data management simple. It also features robust integrations with 100+ applications, tools, and third-party platforms, including Access, Airtable, Amazon, Apache, Basecamp, Box, Cassandra, Constant Contact, Dropbox, and Dynamo.

Which platform suits you better?

It’s a difficult choice to make. Both ibi and ClicData are conventional BI platforms, featuring AI, ML, and advanced analytics to make data accessible to more people. They’re equally valuable.

With ibi, you can embed analytics into all your business processes and applications. It is a platform for data integration that ensures data quality. So does ClicData, which simplifies business intelligence through its impressive dashboard and user-friendly interface.

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Business Intelligence Resources Ibi vs. ClicData