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About TemboStatus

TemboStatus, powered by TemboSocial, is employee engagement software. TemboSocial, founded as PollStream, is a leading provider of gamification, employee engagement, and survey tools for businesses to connect with employees and customers alike. 

TemboStatus is software for employee engagement; the program helps uncover insights about employees’ state of mind, productivity, and other metrics important to management. Managers can use the data gleaned from TemboStatus-powered surveys to improve engagement, enable social recognition, two-way dialogue, and much more. TemboStatus automatically turns employee feedback into actionable to-do lists for HR and managers. It includes a real-time dashboard of survey results, and even automatically generates recommendations and programs tailored to meet the unique needs of any organization. TemboSocial believes that the truly important things come after the survey; with over 50 built-in programs, TemboStatus helps organizations take action based on the results of these surveys. The included checklists, guides, and templates help ensure companies work on the highest priority issues that could be preventing growth. 

One software development firm implemented TemboStatus, while the program was still in beta, to help stay ahead of the curve in the competitive hiring market for technical talent. Goals included reducing turnover, increasing productivity, and establishing a true Human Resources department for the first time at the start-up. Since implementing the solution, the company has seen significant growth, management has noticed increased communication across hierarchies, and employees are noticeably happier. 

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