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About IBM Sterling

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) was founded in 1911 and, since its early years, has built effective supply chain management solutions. The company officially changed its name to IBM in 1924. Around that time, IBM produced time-keeping equipment, weighing scales and punch card systems. That technology translated into the modern computer technology for which the company gained fame. IBM boasts 12 research facilities across the globe and has a record for the highest number of patents generated by a company during a period of 20 years. This commitment to research and development has kept IBM at the forefront of technology, including warehouse management and logistics software.

The company’s supply chain management (SCM) software, Sterling, was designed to anticipate needs before they arise. Clients use it to automate office processes and connect order management to the rest of their business. This allows them to predict spikes in demand, determine the best locations to store inventory and test changes in strategy before making costly decisions. Companies who use IBM’s Sterling inventory and supply chain management software have a bird’s-eye view of their whole process. They monitor orders during arrival, track fulfillment in real time and have all the benefits that come from software designed by a leader in logistics management. When suppliers need accurate counts of available inventory, including location, they use the simple interface to find everything.

IBM earned its role as an industry leader. That’s why so many clients rely on them for supply chain management solutions.

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