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About RJMetrics

RJMetrics has been delivering big data insights since 2009. RJMetrics is active primarily in the ecommerce industry, focusing in particular on assisting up-and-coming companies with their business analytic needs. RJMetrics’ design allows its users to build complex, comprehensive data visualizations with a few clicks. The user interface is both powerful and intuitive; reports, visualizations, and other data can be automatically updated in real time with RJMetrics’ ability to integrate disparate data streams into actionable business intelligence.

RJMetrics’ analytics platform assists online businesses with the creation of scalable and maintainable data solutions. The platform offers a customizable dashboard, complete with the ability to manipulate existing charts or adapt and create new ones to gain fresh insights. Users can create visualizations or data sets individually or collaboratively, and outputs can be shared across multiple platforms, including Windows, iOS, Mac OS, and Android. RJMetrics helps businesses run smartly and scientifically. The analytics platform conducts the complex, formulaic work, allowing the business to focus on improving potential outcomes after reviewing the data models. With RJMetrics, businesses can have their questions answered nearly instantaneously.

Frank & Oak, an ecommerce men’s clothing company based in Montreal, faced a problem that is common for many organizations in its industry – they needed to figure out how to quickly determine the best return on investment (ROI) when evaluating customer acquisition sources. The key decision makers at Frank & Oak tried most of the tools on the market, but it wasn’t until RJMetrics helped import the Google Display Network data Frank & Oak needed and integrate it into their shopping cart that Frank & Oak was able to maximize their marketing ROI. Now, thanks to RJMetrics, Frank & Oak has increased efficiency site-wide, and increased the return on their marketing dollars to 16:1.

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